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Mexico’s Corona Beer Suspended Production Due to Coronavirus

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Corona beer has been the punchline of jokes and memes.



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The Mexican brewer of Corona beer has suspended production because of the COVID-19 health emergency in Mexico. Grupo Modelo — whose brands also include Pacifico and Modelo — said the measure was in line with the Mexican government’s order to suspend all non-essential activities.

“We are in the process of lowering production at our plants to the bare minimum,” Corona beer said in a statement. Even more adding it would the suspension would last until April 30th.

Mexico’s government has said that only key sectors such as agribusiness will be able to continue to function. Mexico hasn’t as of yet list beer distributors as essential.

Grupo Modelo said it was ready to operate with 75 percent of its staff working remotely. To guarantee the supply of beer, if the government agreed.

Mexico’s other major beer producer Heineken — which makes the Tecate and Dos Equis brands — could also stop activities. The Reforma newspaper reported the news however the company did not confirm the report.

Corona beer has been the punchline of jokes and memes

corona beer memes

Last week, the northern state of Nuevo Leon, where Heineken’s Mexican operations are based, said it would stop the production and distribution of beer. This of course led to panic buying by beer drinkers.

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Corona beer has been the punchline of jokes and memes. An online rumor said sales in the US dropped by around 40 percent after the Coronavirus outbreak.

However, in late February, Constellation Brands, which owns the Corona label, denied the rumor. It said sales had stayed strong in the US even as the coronavirus has spread internationally.

Mexico has so far registered over 1,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 50 deaths.

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