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Bangkok Launches Life-Saving Motorlance Ambulances for Speedy Emergency Services



Bangkok Launches Life-Saving Motorlance Ambulances for Speedy Emergency Services

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has taken a significant step forward in enhancing emergency medical services by introducing its pioneering fleet of 50 motorcycle ambulances, nicknamed “motorlances.”

Unveiled by Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt during a ceremony at the BMA Expo 2023 in Benchakitti Park on July 15, these motor lances are set to provide life-saving aid swiftly across all 50 districts of the Thai capital.

With specially trained staff and essential medical tools, these two-wheeled responders will navigate congested streets and narrow alleys to reach critical patients with impressive speed and efficiency.

The Need for Motorlances:

In bustling urban centers like Bangkok, conventional four-wheel ambulances often face challenges in reaching patients quickly, especially in crowded and hard-to-reach areas. Recognizing this issue, the BMA initiated the motorlance project under its “nine excellences” campaign to improve the city’s overall quality of life.

By deploying motorlances, the BMA aims to reduce response times and ensure that potentially life-saving assistance reaches patients within eight minutes of an emergency call.

The Motorlance Fleet:

The inaugural fleet of 50 motorlances has been strategically distributed across seven zones in Bangkok. Each motorlance will be stationed at designated hospitals within their respective zones.

The first-zone motorlances will be based at Ratchaphiatphat Hospital, Bang Khunthian Elderly Hospital, and Luang Phor Thaweesak Hospital, covering districts like Thawi Watthana, Bang Kae, Talingchan, Phasi Charoen, Nong Khaem, Bang Khunthian, and Bang Bon. Other zones have similarly allocated motorlances to ensure comprehensive coverage across the city.

Life-Saving Capabilities:

The motorlances come equipped with essential life-saving tools, and their riders have received specialized training to make preliminary diagnoses on-site. Moreover, these responders are connected in real-time to the Urban Medical Support Centre (UMSC) of the National Institute for Emergency Medicine through built-in cameras.

This enables the motorlance staff to share critical information with UMSC doctors, who can provide life-saving instructions. Additionally, this remote connection allows UMSC doctors to determine if an ambulance is required for non-critical patients, saving valuable time and reducing hospital travel costs.

Expanding the Fleet:

Governor Chadchart expressed the BMA’s ambition to expand the fleet, envisioning a network of 200 to 300 motorlances serving the entire capital. By broadening their coverage, the BMA aims to improve emergency medical services further and offer prompt assistance to residents and visitors alike.

Motorlance Thailand Network Support:

The motorlance project has received backing from the Motorlance Thailand Network, a non-profit organization advocating for using emergency motorbikes to save lives. Their support adds impetus to the BMA’s endeavor to revolutionize emergency response services in Bangkok.


With the introduction of the motorlance fleet, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has taken a vital step towards enhancing emergency medical services throughout the city.

The BMA aims to significantly reduce response times and provide timely assistance to patients in critical situations by deploying motorcycle-ambulances equipped with life-saving tools and staffed by specially trained responders. As this pioneering initiative gains momentum, it has the potential to serve as a model for other urban centers seeking innovative solutions to enhance their emergency medical response capabilities.

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