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Authorities Seize Over $9 Million in Assets from Illegal Online Gambling Network

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Illegal Online Gambling Network

Authorities have seized cash, luxury automobiles, and other assets totaling US$9.1 Million (329 million baht) and detained four persons suspected of operating an illegal online gambling network.

Officers of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) examined 12 addresses in Bangkok associated to the gambling website Fullplay 39. Pol Lt Gen Worawat Watnakhornbancha, the CCIB commissioner, stated yesterday.

Four of the 16 people wanted on arrest warrants were arrested. One person was identified as a beneficiary of the gaming business. A manager and two other financial officers are also in custody. According to Pol Lt Gen Worawat, the remaining suspects at large include those who opened mule bank accounts for the network.

The individuals were charged with coordinating to operate online gambling, money laundering, and other offenses.

Online Gambling

The arresting team also seized assets totaling around 329 million baht. A Porsche 911 Carrera GTS, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz GLE, and Toyota Alphard were among the seven expensive cars seized, totaling 40.4 million baht.

Also recovered were 22.9 million baht in cash and bank accounts, 14 million baht in 400-baht gold bars and ornaments, amulets worth over 75 million baht, 50 million baht in brand-name bags, clothes, and shoes, and 127 million baht in residences and condominium apartments, among other goods.

According to the CCIB chief, the gaming website had over 200,000 customers and a monthly turnover of over 480 million baht.

Legal Status of Online Gambling in Thailand

Both land-based and online gambling are illegal in Thailand. The government implements these rules to combat gambling’s negative impacts on society.

Any individual or company found engaging in online gambling activities suffers legal consequences, including fines, jail, and asset forfeiture.

Thailand’s ban on internet gambling aims to safeguard its population from the dangers of unregulated betting platforms.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in crackdowns on illicit gambling websites in Thailand. Authorities have taken swift measures to dismantle illegal internet gaming enterprises and destroy networks that facilitate illegal betting activities.

These crackdowns have resulted in the arrest of persons involved in the operation of illicit gambling websites, as well as the confiscation of large sums of money.

Online Gambling

By targeting and disrupting illegal gaming networks, Thai officials demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the country’s tough anti-gambling legislation.

According to the CCIB chief, the prevalence of illicit gambling websites in Thailand is a serious concern that not only violates the law but also offers substantial threats to individuals and society as a whole.

Despite Thailand’s severe online gambling rules, some individuals continue to operate illicit gaming platforms, drawing unwary persons into their web of unlawful operations.

Thai officials have recently cracked down on illegal gaming businesses, resulting in the recovery of large sums of money.

These efforts demonstrate the government’s commitment to preventing the spread of unlawful online gambling websites and protecting its citizens from becoming victims of these criminal activities.

Engaging with illicit gambling websites in Thailand can have serious implications, including financial losses and legal ramifications.

Individuals must be aware of the risks involved with engaging in unauthorized online gambling activities and avoid these criminal platforms in order to protect their well-being and financial stability.

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