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Are .NET developers in demand?



NET developers

The speciality of a programmer is in great demand among young people around the world. Every year, specialists in the field of programming, automation of production systems and the digital sphere only increase their popularity. Today, many developed countries of the European Union are ready to offer talented programmers not only a job but also citizenship with all the ensuing advantages. Many are looking for NET developers for hire for permanent or temporary cooperation. Taking into account global robotization in all spheres of life of the state, it is possible to determine with 100% certainty an increase in the demand for services of modern software developers.

As with all complex and time-consuming processes, programming has its own hierarchy, sequence and direction. In this regard, many specializations can be distinguished, but .NET developers occupy a special place in the ranking of applied programming. What do such programmers specialize in and what do you need to know to become a .NET programmer?

Who is a NET developer and what does this specialization imply?

NET programmer is a specialist who works in the programming niche and uses the .NET tools/platform to develop program codes. The .NET platform itself offers a very wide range of tools for developing software modules of any complexity and architecture based on the C # programming language.

Since the creation of the platform in 2002, Microsoft has been actively promoting and improving its “brainchild”. Today .NET Framework has become the most popular platform for developing software products in various languages. NET technology has received a special user status as a result of its focus on devices running Windows operating systems, which is more than every second computer on earth.

According to the official presentation, the .NET Framework boasts significant advantages:

• Platform. NET supports over 30 different programming languages, including the most popular C # and F #.

• Proven reliability of data caching. The platform developers have created the most secure digital data storage and management system.

• The best environment for software development with a huge selection of tools. Visual Studio provides high quality and modern service for every developer of software applications from any country in the world in any language.

• Cross-platform integration. A software product based on the .NET Framework can run on any analogue platform. This allows you to expand the consumer segment through custom integration with other software developers.

• The largest library of software templates. To save time, a programmer can use existing modules and start a project not from scratch, but from the stage of the basic version.

• Large community. Modern opportunities, the advantage of open source, an advanced environment with numerous tools allowed attracting the largest number of users.

The combination of advantages allowed the .NET platform to be used to implement projects at a wide variety of scales, including super-expensive software for government-level needs.

What knowledge should a good NET developer have?

Despite the wide range of specializations in the applied programming segment, there are standard requirements for .NET developers:

• Experience with databases.

• Professional level of C # programming language.

• Basic knowledge of the .NET Framework.

• Basic knowledge of SQL.

• Minimal experience with unit testing.

• Knowledge in the field of database management.

• Experience in working with typical design patterns.

• Fluency in Windows Forms technologies.

In addition to the standard requirements, each employer has its own corporate conditions. But if the candidate knows the basics, the additional applications will be much easier to master.

The job market in the programming niche is constantly expanding, so specialists with knowledge of the .NET platform and the C # programming language will always be in demand. The experienced developers of Fireart Studio are the best proof of these words.





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