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Studying Abroad: Is It an Investment or Money-Consuming?



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Most people looking for an experience abroad aim to boost their careers. Although it entails expenses, studying abroad is, in fact, an investment that will certainly pay dividends – including financial ones – in the future.

However, there are still those who have doubts about the real benefits of this investment and what studying abroad can add to their professional life. That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this post. Keep watching and discover the main advantages of studying abroad:


Opportunity for professional experience

There are those who seek a study program just to learn a new language and, therefore, dedicate almost all of their time to studies. However, for those seeking professional success, the idea is to take the opportunity to work abroad as well.

In addition to generating extra money, working as an intern or trainee in companies in another country will bring a huge amount of knowledge and professional experience that will certainly make a difference in your career in the future. Even if the chosen job is not directly related to your area of expertise, the experience will certainly count positive points on your resume.

Contact with new cultures

By experiencing the cultural immersion of another country, you will have contact with new habits, tools, and ways of thinking about your daily life that will influence not only your personal life but also your professional performance.

Studying abroad makes us more resilient, independent, and open to what we know. In addition, contact with the new sharpens creativity and adaptability, making us learn to seek new solutions to overcome adversities and solve problems. These characteristics are very welcome in today’s job market, which seeks increasingly proactive and creative professionals.

Fluency in a foreign language

Unsurprisingly, these days, knowledge in a foreign language – especially in English – has become more than a differential. For some positions and companies, even fluency in a second language is a prerequisite to secure a job opening.

Many people seek to learn a new language through face-to-face or online courses and, even after years of study, do not develop conversational skills. The fact is that to really assimilate a language, it is necessary to experience it on a daily basis, at all times.

With the experience brought by studying abroad, you gain more ease to speak, in addition to becoming familiar with slang, expressions, and characteristics of informal language that are often not taught in the prep courses.

Appreciation in the labor market

Considering all the benefits mentioned so far, one thing is certain: the experience brought by studying abroad directly reflects on the professional’s valuation in the labor market. In other words, studying abroad can provide the expertise needed to get better jobs and higher salaries.

Want an example? A survey carried out by Catho in 2016 pointed out that the salary of professionals fluent in English can be up to 61% higher compared to the remuneration of other professionals who have only basic knowledge of the English language.

In addition, according to psychologist and HR specialist Patrícia Osório, in an interview on the G1 website, the experience brought by studying abroad can open doors in several niches and companies, especially in areas that need more intellectual work and leadership positions.

Expansion of the network of contacts

Networking is extremely important for anyone looking to develop their career, regardless of their area of expertise. So imagine having a network of professional contacts that cross borders!

Studying abroad allows you to meet and socialize with people from all over the world – not just the place that was chosen as a study destination – creating lasting bonds of friendship and also with people that you can use in the future if you want to work professionally in another country.

Possibility of international specialization

Another great advantage of the exchange is the possibility of continuing your studies through training or postgraduate courses at renowned educational institutions and universities.

As well as fluency in a foreign language, currently, having a postgraduate degree or an MBA is a prerequisite for many positions and companies. In these cases, taking a specialization course abroad can guarantee you more prominence in the market, in addition, of course, to deepening your specific knowledge and developing your academic life.

Self-confidence development

Venturing out to live in another country is undoubtedly a challenging experience, even for those with the most outgoing and confident personalities. The news changes habits and the confrontation with new people and circumstances make you definitely leave your comfort zone.

Despite living difficult times, you will also go through situations of a lot of personal growth, becoming more independent, mature, and self-confident.

These characteristics promote a change of attitude towards challenges and obligations, which is very well regarded in professional and personal life, making you more determined and committed to your tasks.

Strengthening the curriculum

All this growth acquired during the exchange directly reflects on what is your “face” in the job market: your resume. It is through it that you will demonstrate all the knowledge acquired in your experience abroad.

Professional references and past work experiences, new tools and skills developed, fluency in a second language, courses are taken abroad and anything else that can be proven can – and should! – be added to your resume.

Did you see how a study program can be a real investment and bring many fruits for your professional future? But for the experience to be safe and without setbacks, it is essential to prepare, do good research and have an agency specialized in exchange in order to provide all the necessary support in this new journey.

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