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American Airlines Has Extended Flights On 5 European Routes Through Winter

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American Airlines

(CTN News) – According to Cirium’s scheduling information, American Airlines will continue to operate five European routes after September.

Three of the carrier’s hubs—in Dallas, Charlotte, and Philadelphia—will continue to operate flights.

American Airlines More Flights To Europe

American Airlines, located in Fort Worth, has extended service on five European routes into the winter, most likely as a result of the strong demand for travel to Europe.

Routes from Charlotte to Madrid, Philadelphia to Barcelona and Lisbon, and Dallas to Dublin and Rome are also part of the extension.

More than 300 additional flights have been added to American’s schedule for the months of November and December.

As of last week, there would be no more flights between Charlotte and Madrid after October 27. Cirium data is only accessible through the end of March 2024.

Although it looks that American has year-round service on the route with flights booked all the way through March.

The routes from Philadelphia to Lisbon and Dallas to Dublin follow identical dates.

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In addition to continuing every day through January 7, flights to Rome were set to terminate on October 28, one day after the aforementioned routes.

Starting on February 15 and continuing through the end of March, daily flights will resume.

Between September 2023 and March 2024, there are two noteworthy gaps in the timetable for the Philadelphia to Barcelona route.

Flights are scheduled every day through October 4 before taking a break and starting up again on October 29.

Flights will stop again after operating daily until January 7 but this time for a longer period of time, until February 15, similar to the Dallas-Rome route.

Delivery delays for the aircraft could have an impact on the schedule. American has been approached by Simple Flying for comment, but as of the time of writing, no response has been given.

The adjustments in today’s Cirium data reveal a sharp rise in flights from Dallas, Charlotte, and Philadelphia to Europe year over year this winter.

This winter, American will operate flights between its three hubs to 13 cities in Europe.

The timetable for this winter and the previous winter are contrasted below:

Month # of flights as of this week # of flights during previous year Increase in flights Increase in seats
October 2023 1,615 1,561 54 11,524
November 2023 1,405 894 511 133,939
December 2023 1,455 997 458 119,672
January 2024 1,350 951 399 103,996
February 2024 1,299 796 503 126,470
March 2024 1,509 1,055 454 116,100

Resuming Flights To Auckland

American was scheduled to resume its flights between Los Angeles International Airport and Auckland Airport beginning on December 21, according to reports from Simple Flying a few days ago.

The information from Cirium’s schedule change report for today supports the rumours. As of right now, the airline will operate daily flights to Auckland till February 14, 2024.

After February 14, the airline will operate three times per week between the two cities till March 2.

American operates seasonal flights from Dallas to Auckland, with service beginning on October 28 and continuing through March 2024.

With United Airlines unveiling its largest-ever schedule and expansion to the region last week, competition is escalating on routes between the United States and the South Pacific.

The Chicago-based airline has the most flights between the two regions on its calendar than any other American airline.


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