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Air Canada Kicked a Customer Off For Refusing a Vomit-Covered Seat



Air Canada Kicked a Customer Off For Refusing a Vomit-Covered Seat

(CTN News) – During their over four-hour flight, Air Canada allegedly escorted customers off for refusing to sit in a chair covered in vomit.

According to a viral Facebook post, two unidentified female flyers were told there was nothing they could do about the vomit on their seats.

The smell of vomit greeted Susan Benson when she boarded the plane from Las Vegas to Montreal on Aug. 26. They were in the row directly in front of her, she said.

At first, we didn’t know what the foul smell was. During the previous flight, someone vomited there,”

Benson wrote. “Air Canada tried to clean it up, b

Bt it wasn’t thorough.” It was masked with coffee grinds.”

The flight attendant apologized but told the “clearly upset” passengers there was nothing they could do about the vomit on their seats.

According to Benson, her fellow Air Canada passenger wondered why the seat was wet if the crew had changed the cover. Benson said the seat was “unacceptable” for a four-hour flight.

Benson said the passenger just insisted she couldn’t sit in a wet seat with vomit smell and residue.

They were provided blankets, wipes and vomit bags “reluctantly” after a supervisor reiterated they would have to sit in the soiled seats.

She said the women were “upset,” but “not rude.”

Eventually, the pilot allegedly offered the women two options: either leave the plane on their own or be escorted off by security and placed on a no-fly list. As the reason for the forced exit, the pilot cited their rude behavior.

A police officer sitting beside the women Air Canada spoke calmly in French with the pilot, Benson said. Although Benson didn’t understand French, she understood he was negotiating on behalf of his seat mates.

After the pilot had gotten up and walked away, the police officer said to the ladies, which I clearly heard, “I told him I was a police officer in Montreal, so we would never treat people that way, that you weren’t rude, that your seat was definitely wet with vomit, but you’re now settled. “We’re all fine,” Benson said.

Then, Benson said, security approached the women and asked to speak with them privately. They never returned after being kicked off the flight. A name and contact information would have helped.

I wish I’d videoed. “I wish for so much,” she said. Looking back, I thought it was handled.”

On landing, Benson said the police officer went straight to the Air Canada kiosk. In an interview with Global News, she said she assumed he filed a complaint.

That’s wrong. Benson said she also complained directly to the Canadian airline.

Customers affected by the incident are being contacted by Air Canada.

In a statement, the airline said its procedures were not followed correctly. Apologizing to these customers for not receiving the standard of care to which they were entitled.”

Benson called for legal action even though he could not confirm the passengers’ no-fly lists. Being Canadian made her “ashamed.”


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