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A 2024 Bid By Donald Trump, Who Overturned Biden’s Election

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A 2024 Bid By Donald Trump, Who Overturned Biden's Election

(CTN News) – In a desperate attempt to maintain power, Donald Trump attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. The result was a deadly riot at the Capitol.

“I am announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump, 76, said flanked by massive American flags at his club and residence at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to Donald Trump, “America’s comeback starts right now,” saying, “Your country is being destroyed right before your eyes.”

It was reminiscent of Trump’s inauguration speech, which spoke of a country suffering from “American carnage” and in need of his intervention.

With Trump’s candidacy, President Biden, who will turn 80 on Sunday, could face a rematch in 2024.

However, Republicans underperformed – and Trump is being blamed for this, even from within his party.

Even so, Trump is putting forth another presidential bid and falsely claiming that his candidates did well. This is despite the fact that his brand and his style of politics have been radioactive in competitive states and districts for multiple election cycles.

As a result of Trump’s action, he demonstrated a degree of vulnerability. In other words, he is attempting to freeze out the Republican presidential field and convince Republican elected officials to endorse him by getting off the sidelines.

Also, he does not want to give any oxygen to any potential rivals, especially someone like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

How about “DeFuture”?

It is becoming increasingly evident that some members of the party are questioning whether continuing to support the former president is a wise course of action. This is especially true with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the wings.

The reelection of Governor DeSantis was a breeze last week. A conservative who landed in controversy for flying migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard and other liberal cities and enclaves, he is widely seen as a more disciplined version of Donald Trump.

There is no doubt that Trump is unconcerned and ready to fight

In a hypothetical GOP presidential primary, he referred to DeSantis Ron as “DeSanctimonious” and cited polling that indicated he was well ahead of him.

Since being booted from mainstream social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for spreading misinformation and inciting insurrection, he has taken to his own platform to blast naysayers, the media, and spread unfounded conspiracy theories.

Once again, we can expect more of the same from candidate Donald Trump.

In 2016, he won the presidential election, but several swing states were very close, and he lost the popular vote by three million votes.

He lost 40 House seats and control of the chamber in the 2018 midterm elections.

A majority of voters disapproved of Donald Trump performance during his four years as president, and he mishandled the Coronavirus pandemic. Trump lost his reelection bid in 2020.


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