7-Year-Old Girl Oozes Blood From Eye After Receiving MRNA Vaccine
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7-Year-Old Girl Oozes Blood from Eye After Receiving mRNA Vaccine



7-Year-Old Girl Oozes Blood from Eye After Receiving mRNA Vaccine

The parents of a 7-year-old girl are pleading for help after their little girl began oozing blood from her eyes and skin after receiving the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

On April 7, Pimpakarn Khotphakdi, 27, said her daughter was in good health but had developed dark purple spots on her skin and began sweating blood 2 weeks after receiving the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

The mother took her daughter to the hospital for an examination after finding no cuts or punctures on her.

Unfortunately, the symptoms subsided prior to the examination at the hospital and the doctor was unable to diagnose her daughters’ symptoms. The doctor prescribed vitamin C instead and sent them home.

On the night of April 8, her daughter began showing symptoms again with blood pouring from her nose, eyes, ears, and skin.

This time, the mother decided to take her little girl to Surat Thani hospital for a thorough examination and a blood test. To her surprise the test results showed she was normal, Ms. Pimpakarn said.

The doctor at the hospital said her daughter might have hematohidrosis and scheduled an appointment with a specialist in late May.

The mother said she was unsure whether the condition was related to the mRNA Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine her daughter received on April 1.

The mother said she was worried about her daughter’s health and asked specialists to look into the situation.

Retinal Hemorrhage after SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination

According to the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute MDPI, there have been recent reports of hemorrhage, blood clots, and thrombocytopenia following the administration of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines that have raised concerns over the safety of genetic vaccines for people with pre-existing coagulation disorders or those on certain medications.

Although mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 have been developed and approved under emergency use authorization, various adverse events have also been reported after the COVID-19 vaccination. This review was undertaken to help clinicians recognize the possible manifestations and systemic pathogenesis, especially those related to the eye, after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

A systemic search was performed on 22 August 2021 through Embase, Medline, and Cochrane Library for publications on ocular manifestations after COVID-19 vaccination.
Two case-control studies/retrospective cohort studies, one cross-sectional study, three case series, sixteen case reports, two images, and seven letters were included.

Ocular manifestations after receiving COVID-19 vaccines may appear on the eyelid, cornea and ocular surface, retina, uvea, nerve, and vessel. The ocular manifestations occurred up to forty-two days after vaccination, and vaccine-induced immunologic responses may be responsible.

Although the incidence rate of ocular symptoms is considerably lower in the vaccinated subjects than in COVID-19 patients, physicians should be aware of the possible associations between COVID-19 vaccines and ocular symptoms for the early diagnosis and treatment of eye problems or life-threatening complications.


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