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6-Year-old Girl Dies after Falling into a Waterfall in Phangnga

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6-Year-old Egyptian Girl Dies after Falling into a Waterfall in Phangnga

On Wednesday, a 6-year-old Egyptian girl died after falling into the Ton Pariwat Waterfall of “Song Phraek Waterfall” in Muang district of Phangnga, a province in southern Thailand.

On Wednesday, the girl, whose name was withheld, and her parents were part of a tour group of six individuals visiting the Tonne Pariwat waterfall, also known as Tonne Song Phraek, in tambon Song Phreak.

According to officials at the provincial disaster prevention and mitigation office, the girl went missing at 1.30pm after tumbling from the waterfall.

After a 30-minute search, the team discovered the girl’s body wedged among the rocks. Phangnga Hospital received her body.

Australian woman Rescued

Emergency responders from the Phangnga provincial public disaster prevention and mitigation office recovered an Australian woman who fell from the edge of a waterfall in the Takuapa area of Phangnga in April of 2020.

The rescue took around five hours, with rescuers operating in near absolute darkness. The female fatality was among three other Australian visitors who had come to experience the seven-tier waterfall at the tourist attraction.

A waterfall spokeswoman stated that they had instructed the group to observe warning signs regarding dangerous places around the cascade and to avoid them for their own safety. The signs are located at various points along the walkways.

Officials believe the tourists climbed to the seventh and highest tier of the cascade before deciding to descend through a more difficult route. It is believed that the victim slipped and fell down a ravine from there.


Dubai Student perishes at Phangnga waterfall

On Valentine’s Day 2013, a student from Dubai perished near a Phangnga waterfall north of Phuket after leaving his friends to explore the region.

Muhammad Ali, 20, had left from his friends after a morning of rafting at Kong Songprak to “walk around and take photos” in the Tonne Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area, according to conservation area chief Uthen Siriphuwanart.

“His pals went back to their car to await him. “They reported to us when he didn’t arrive two hours later,” Mr Uthen added.

Officers began searching for Mr Ali but were forced to call it a day at sunset.

Divers discovered Mr Ali’s body the next morning at a depth of roughly four metres near the waterfall.

“His friends said Mr Ali couldn’t swim and that he might have slipped and fallen into the water,” Phang Nga Provincial Police Deputy Commander Saman Chainarong explained.

The United Arab Emirates Embassy and Mr Ali’s family were both notified of his death.

Ton Pariwat Waterfall is located within the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary in Phang Nga. It is a medium-altitude waterfall, so it is suitable for swimming, and visitors can reach it on foot through the scenic nature trails at a distance of about 2 km.

You can also raise your adrenaline level by doing Take a rafting trip through fresh water and rocks and enjoy the view of the surrounding lush forests. Additionally, in the late October rainy season, visitors can witness the wonders of the lotus flower in the area around the waterfall.

Phangnga, also spelled as Phang Nga, is a province in southern Thailand. It is situated on the western coast of the Malay Peninsula, facing the Andaman Sea. The province is known for its stunning natural beauty, featuring limestone cliffs, caves, islands, and lush green forests. Here are some key highlights of Phangnga:

1. Phang Nga Bay: One of the most famous attractions in the province, Phang Nga Bay is renowned for its limestone karsts rising dramatically out of the emerald-green waters. The bay is dotted with numerous limestone islands, including the iconic James Bond Island (Koh Tapu), which gained fame after featuring in the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

2. Similan Islands: Located about 84 kilometers northwest of Phangnga, the Similan Islands are a group of nine stunning islands known for their clear waters, diverse marine life, and excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. The islands are part of the Mu Ko Similan National Park.

3. Khao Lak: This coastal area is a popular destination for beach lovers. It offers beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and easy access to nearby national parks and dive sites. Khao Lak was also tragically affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, and there are memorials in the area to commemorate the event.

4. Phang Nga Elephant Park: For those interested in ethical elephant encounters, this park provides opportunities to observe and interact with elephants in a responsible and sustainable environment.

5. Wat Tham Suwan Khuha (Dragon Cave Temple): This temple, located within a limestone cave, is home to various Buddha statues and offers impressive views of the surrounding landscape.

6. Waterfall and National Parks: Phangnga boasts several waterfalls and national parks, such as Sri Phang Nga National Park, where visitors can explore nature, hike through the lush forests, and take in the scenic beauty.

7. Sea Kayaking: Exploring the limestone formations and hidden lagoons of Phang Nga Bay by sea kayaking is a popular and unforgettable experience.

Phangnga’s natural wonders make it a fantastic destination for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation in a stunning tropical setting.

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