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4 Modern Technologies That Would Help In Business Growth



Modern Technologies

Technology has been driving the world for a very long time now. Every industry runs on technology that benefits us, humans, in a number of ways. Today we will talk about a few modern technologies that would help in business growth. And 5 steps on how to bring your tech ideas to life in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is something that everyone has heard of and has been hearing about it for a very long time. However, it is such a technology that is still in progress and will be in the developing phase until it is fully established at its full potential. AI has been around in applications here and there but has not yet come out as a full-fledged application.

The idea of artificial intelligence came out with benefits in every field including business. How artificial intelligence will benefit business is not yet completely clear but it will surely be based on robot-human interaction. For instance, the bots that we come across on social media platforms and websites are a basic example of artificial intelligence.

When the technology will be fully developed, it will be used for jobs that are difficult for humans to carry out. With the help of artificial intelligence, the complicated things that the human brain can’t comprehend can be carried out within a matter of time. So, even though the technology is available on a small scale it can still be used in business for growth.

Digital Business Card

Coming to something very basic, one of the advancements in technology is the digital business card. It is nothing but simply a virtual representation of a business card with a number of benefits. As a business card is one of the important marketing tools, technological advancement in it with more benefits is a blessing.

To start with, digital business cards are a virtual representation as stated above, so they help us in saving the environment. We have to admit that our environment has been deteriorating a lot over time and cutting of trees is one of the major reasons for the same. So, using these digital cards promotes eco-friendly behaviour and helps implement growth.

Apart from that, digital cards can be customized as per the users’ requirements. There is no limitation to what information you put or how much information is added to the card. The card can be customized however required. Lastly, digital business cards save your money on a pretty good scale as all your printing and reprinting costs are saved.


Another technology that is becoming popular these days is cryptocurrency. This technology has been out since 2009, yes, this technology is more than ten years old but is now gaining popularity as more and more people are finding out and taking part in it actively.

Now, blockchain is one of the integral parts of the cryptosystem that plays an important role in trading and transactions. Blockchain is nothing but a chain with a number of blocks on which various transactions are stored securely. With the help of blockchain technology, we are enabled to carry out trading and transactions without any involvement of a mediocre or third party.

Currently, this technology is used for general trading and is transforming the ways business is done with trust, transparency, and efficiency. However, in the coming days, there will be even more applications that will benefit businesses.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one such technology that is amazing to look at and talk about. Almost everyone by now is well aware of what augmented reality is. It was in 2016 when a game named Pokemon Go was all hyped up. Well, the game was based on nothing but augmented reality.

This technology will help businesses fill up the void between reality and imagination for their audience and customers. With the help of augmented reality, it is very easy to help render a real-time experience to the customers, increase brand awareness, and build a customer base that is loyal.

Industries like health, education, aviation, and gaming have already implemented this technology on a considerable scale. And in the coming time, it is certain that this technology can do wonders for business growth.


These are some of the modern technologies that would help in business growth. Even though these technologies may not be available at their full potential they have been benefiting various businesses for a long time and more advancements in the same would surely help accelerate the growth in businesses.


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