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Boys With Diabetes Are More Likely To Drink Sweetened Drinks

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Boys With Diabetes Are More Likely To Drink Sweetened Drinks

(CTN News) – According to experts, boys who drink sweetened beverages on a regular basis will be more likely to develop diabetes, specifically Type 2 diabetes during adolescence, as a result of their regular consumption of sweetened beverages.

A study has shown that boys who regularly consume sweetened beverages and fruit juices during childhood are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes in middle age when compared to girls who consume the same beverages and fruit juices in childhood.

In order to conduct this study, data were gathered from a research project that involved women and their children.

As the results of the study indicate, it appears that consumption of sweetened beverages and pure fruit juices during childhood and adolescence significantly increases the risk of insulin resistance, which results in the development of Type 2.

According to the study, daily consumption of sweetened beverages during childhood may increase the risk of insulin resistance by up to 34%, as a result of the development of insulin resistance.

In contrast, fresh fruits are not associated with an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, while dried fruits are associated with a lower risk.

Despite the fact that these findings are preliminary, the researchers stressed that they have highlighted a potential link between the consumption of sweetened beverages and the onset of diabetes, despite the fact that the results are preliminary.

As the findings of the study did not provide a clear explanation of why boys face a higher risk of diabetes compared to girls, the researchers decided it was necessary to conduct further research in order to clarify this association.


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