10 Best Ways To Maintain And Clean And Comfortable Bathroom
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10 Best Ways to Maintain and Clean and Comfortable Bathroom



10 Best Ways to Maintain and Clean and Comfortable Bathroom

Many homeowners struggle to maintain a clean and comfortable bathroom. There is so much to think about, from ventilation to the build-up of dirt. Without an adequate cleaning schedule, you may end up embarrassed of your bathroom. Plus, you might not enjoy bathing or getting ready in the morning.

Falling behind on bathroom maintenance is understandable. It’s important to get on top of it sooner rather than later, though. Otherwise, it poses a risk to your health and comfort. For a space you can be proud of, here is how to maintain a clean and comfortable bathroom.

1. Use Proper Ventilation

Moisture builds quickly in a bathroom due to the presence of water and warm air. Over time, it might lead to a damp or mold problem. It must be avoided, as mold spores present various health risks.

Proper ventilation is your best tool to prevent a build-up of moisture. Switch on your fan when you are in the bathroom and open the windows when you can. Leaving the door open can also help boost airflow.

If you discover a mold problem, don’t fret. Mould removal in a property should be dealt with by professionals, however. You don’t want to risk damaging your health. Once you’ve treated the mold, focus on improving the bathroom’s ventilation.

2. Keep Cleaning Items on Hand

The best way to maintain a bathroom is to clean as you go, which is why having cleaning items like glass and floor cleaners close by is handy. Keep them stored in the bathroom so that you can give the glass, mirrors, toilet, and sink a quick spritz every day.

3. Organize Your Storage

It’s not just the dampness and the dirt you need to worry about when it comes to keeping your bathroom clean. Clutter can quickly turn an otherwise comfortable environment into a messy one.

To make sure your bathroom isn’t littered with bottles, organize your storage. Be sure to throw away empty bottles, too. Don’t let them sit there and gather dust! If your bathroom is small, use height to your advantage by storing items vertically.

4. Stick to a Cleaning Schedule

While it might be easier said than done, sticking diligently to a bathroom cleaning schedule is the one true way to keep it clean.

Make a list of all the bathroom-cleaning tasks that need doing so that you don’t miss anything. Include it as part of your routine to ensure the cleaning tasks are never too exhausting.

5. Spray and Rinse Glass Daily

Some cleaning tasks need doing more often than others. You might not need to scrub the windowsill each day, but you should spray and rinse any bathroom glass daily.

This is to prevent the build-up of soap scum. Doing it every day will reduce the streaks and hard stains, making cleaning day a lot easier.

6. Get Some Bathroom-friendly Plants

Maintaining a clean and comfortable bathroom isn’t always about tidying. Getting some bathroom-friendly plants is a great way to decorate, as the greenery adds to a relaxing atmosphere.

Plus, some plants can even improve air quality. Consider getting a polka dot plant, rubber tree, or staghorn fur to spruce up the space. A couple of small plants on the windowsill would look beautiful!

7. Take Out the Rubbish Regularly

The bathroom bin might not get used as often as the kitchen bin, but it still needs clearing out regularly. Otherwise, the rubbish will sit there for too long. Even if it’s not full, be sure to empty and clean it during your other bathroom-cleaning tasks.

8. Use Toilet Gel Stamps

Have you noticed that some people’s toilet water is blue or green? That is usually because of toilet gel stamps. Toilet gel stamps sit inside the toilet and clean every time you flush.

You will still need to clean the toilet, but it will make the task much easier. Plus, you likely won’t need to do it as often.

9. Keep it Smelling Fresh

It is hard to feel comfortable in a bathroom that smells unpleasant, so focus on eradicating bad odors. Air fresheners should be a staple in any bathroom.

Open the windows regularly, too, to ensure smells don’t stick around. If you notice a particularly pungent smell, consider that there might be a problem with the plumbing. You should always seek out a professional plumber in this situation.

10. Clean as You Go

Maintaining a clean and comfortable bathroom means making cleaning a regular part of your life. Wipe the windowsill, scrub the toilet or wipe the sink clean before showering.

By doing these tasks little and often, you will stay on top of your bathroom while ensuring the big clean is not as tiresome.

Use this guide, and you will never feel embarrassed about your bathroom again. Just remember to seek the help of a professional if extra work needs doing, such as plumbing or mold removal.

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