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Man Killed His Wife & 3 Daughters In Karachi Shamsi Society: Police:



Man Killed His Wife & 3 Daughters In Karachi: Police:

(CTN NEWS) – In Karachi‘s Shamsi Society, a man, probably in his forties, is accused of using a sharp object to fatally stab his wife, three daughters, and himself before fleeing, according to police.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police Korangi Sajid Sadozai, the suspect is still hospitalized in severe condition. The victims, he continued, were residents of the home where the crime was committed.

Police said they discovered the bloodied bodies of three girls, ages 10, 16, and 38, inside the home.

He pointed out that a sharp-edged weapon was used to kill the victims. The victim’s husband and the father of the murdered girls is the survivor, who has been identified as Fawad.

Fawad is the main suspect in the killings, according to the police.

Man Killed His Wife & 3 Daughters In Karachi: Police:

The police officer stated, “the suspect, a sales manager for a private spice firm, attempted suicide after killing his wife and daughters.”

After the killings, the house was sealed from the inside, according to SSP Korangi, “which suggests the suspect was responsible for the homicides.”

According to SSP Korangi, police have discovered a knife at the crime scene. The Crime Scene Unit has arrived at the crime scene to gather proof.

Additionally, the detectives are taking comments from nearby homeowners and neighbors.

SSP Korangi claims that the incident is a family-internal problem. He asserted that the suspect murdered his girls and then his wife.

He continued by saying that to find the bodies and the injured man, the police had to break into the residence.

Sadozai added that, whereas Fawad’s family resided on the structure’s first floor, his sibling did so on the second floor.

Man Killed His Wife & 3 Daughters In Karachi: Police:

I’m Confident That Fawad Committed The Killings: SSP

SSP Sadozai ruled out the prospect of someone breaking into the family’s small two-room home and killing the victims because there was no back door or another access point.

The senior police official told Geo News, “I am sure that Fawad has committed these killings after investigating the residence and providing the circumstantial evidence.”

“The woman and two children’s remains were discovered in one room, and a fourth child’s body was discovered in the other.”

The suspect’s mother and sister-in-law, who reside in the apartment below them, smashed down the door and entered the suspect’s bedroom.

According to SSP Sadozai. “The mother told me that she thinks that Fawad is guilty of [the deaths],”

The mother reportedly told the police that although the pair frequently quarreled, their relationship never deteriorated to the point where he would kill his wife.

Given the amount of blood in residence, the victims may have been drugged before being killed, according to SSP Sadozai, as they should have screamed for their lives but didn’t.

“Fawad’s sister-in-law informed the police that she overheard his wife’s single scream.” He claimed that once the forensic report is in, it will be possible to confirm whether the victims had been poisoned.

The police claimed that while Fawad’s statement was essential, they had not yet recorded it.

Man Killed His Wife & 3 Daughters In Karachi: Police:

A rescue official (centre) can be seen at a residential area in Malir’s Shamsi Society in Karachi, on November 29, 2022. — Afzal Nadeem Dogar

His Mother Says Fawad Hasn’t Received his Salary For 4 Months

In an interview with Geo News, the suspect’s mother reported that everything was OK up until 1:30 pm.

She added, “The girls also attended college.” The suspect’s mother also said she called upstairs after hearing screaming, but nobody answered.

“I went upstairs, but the door was closed. We violently shook the door, and the hinge popped open. The girls were lying where they would normally sleep when I returned inside.

My daughter-in-law was wrapped in a blanket in the next room,” she said while describing the incident.

The mother of Fawad noted that her son and daughter-in-law had never expressed any grievances.

“All of my granddaughters met me today and left for school. My son Fawad was also lying hurt when I got inside,” the suspect’s mother claimed.

She said, “My son hadn’t received his salary in four months.”


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