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Election Commission Releases Vote Count for First Five Phases of Lok Sabha

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Election Commission Releases Vote Count for First Five Phases of Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha election: On Saturday, the Election Commission (EC) revealed the total number of votes cast in each constituency during the first five stages of the general election. This is the first time the EC has disclosed the entire number of votes cast in the Lok Sabha election.

The commission released the data a day after the Supreme Court denied the NGO Association for Democratic Reforms’ request for Form 17 C, which contains voter turnout data at the booth level and is distributed to all polling agents of candidates.

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Supreme Court’s Decision on Lok Sabha Election Data

In an affidavit filed before the Supreme Court earlier this week, the commission expressed concern that the petitioners’ approach has a “design, a pattern” at work.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the EC reiterated this: “The commission notes the pattern of false narratives and mischievous design to vitiate the electoral process.” It added that any change in the number of votes cast is impossible.

“The Supreme Court’s observations and ruling on the Election Commission of India’s process of releasing turnout figures have given the commission great confidence. This places a greater obligation on the commission to serve the cause of electoral democracy with unwavering determination,” the statement added.

Mallikarjun Kharge, the Congress chief, alleged that the Election Commission’s “credibility” was at an “all-time low”.

The Commission responded that collecting and storing votes is rigorous, transparent, and participatory. It said there was a “pattern of false narratives and mischievous design to vitiate the electoral process”.


“The Commission and its officials across the states have been disseminating voter turnout data in the best possible manner, taking into account statutory considerations,” the polling panel stated.

It further stated that all candidates’ authorized agents possess Form 17C, which details the total number of votes cast at each of the nearly 10.5 lakh polling stations spread across 543 parliamentary constituencies. The Commission stated that the total number of votes cast reported in Form 17C cannot be changed because they are available to all contesting candidates.

“Agents of candidates are always allowed to accompany EVM and statutory papers, including Form 17C, from polling station to storage in a strong room as per Rule 49 V (2) of the Conduct of Election Rules 1961,” the poll panel stated, adding that the candidate or his/her agents bring a copy of the Form 17C to the counting centre and compare it to the results in each round.

Voter turnout data from ECI:

Phase- I

Total electorate: 16,63,86,344

Votes Cast: 11,0052,103

Percentage: 66.14%


Total electorate: 15,86,45,484

Votes Cast: 10,58,30,572

Percentage: 66.71%

Phase- III

Total Electorate: 17,24,04,907

Votes Cast: 11,32,34,676

Percentage: 65.68%

Phase- IV

Total Electorate: 17,70,75,629

Votes cast: 12,24,69,319

Percentage: 69.16%

Phase – V

Total Electorate: 8,95,67,973

Votes Cast: 5,57,10,618

Percentage: 62.20%

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