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Is An Inground Pools Right for Me?



Is An Inground Pool Right for Me?

Is An Inground Pools Right for Me? –  Pools are synonymous with the ultimate summer fun. The opportunities are endless, from swimming and lounging to holding the best family and friends gatherings.

However, a pool is a significant investment that involves many decisions along the way. Considering the addition in your yard, you are probably in a dilemma about the best choice.

Inground pools provide more advantages than their above-ground counterparts.

Before jumping to the types of inground swimming pools, this article offers insight into the two main pool types.

Why an inground pools is superior

  • It’s Appealing to the Eye

The immense advantage of this pool type is its aesthetics. An above-ground pool sticks out and often looks like an afterthought that doesn’t blend into the entire property.

It is no match for the additional beauty of the inground variety. The latter is an excellent choice for making the yard your haven without travelling miles to expensive resorts and hotels.

  • Many Options to Choose

With a wide range of options, it’s easy to customise an inground pools to your needs and personal style.

Above-ground pools tend to offer standard sizes, shapes, and depths. For instance, the shape possibilities end with an oval or circle pool, yet it isn’t deep enough to truly enjoy swimming.

With inground pools, your and your designer’s creativity is the limit. This is particularly true when you choose the right type of inground pools.

  • Greater Flexibility

There are plenty of features to add to an inground pools. These include tanning ledges, infinity edges, waterfalls, pool lighting, rock walls, and many more.

You can also take your entertainment to a new level with invigorating additions like an outdoor kitchen, fire features, and a pool patio.

An above-ground pool requires building a deck up and around it to have any entertainment space.

Yet, these extras will cost more for anyone looking for a cost-effective option.

  • Durability

A significant advantage of an inground pools is its exceptional durability.

While both pool types require maintenance, like cleaning and filtering, inground pools are built to last and withstand various elements.

It makes them a worthwhile investment with long-term value. On the other hand, an above-ground pool is ideal if you eye a temporary solution.

Types of Inground Swimming Pools

  • Vinyl

Compared to the concrete and fibreglass varieties, it is the most affordable choice for meeting your design and size needs.

It features strong frames and is available in varying shapes and sizes to cater to your preferences.

The frames can be made of galvanised steel, plastic, wood, and more.

  • Concrete

It is a trendy, practical, and durable choice that can withstand different climatic conditions.

However, you will need patience due to the extended installation period. It’s costlier and requires more time to put up than vinyl pools.

  • Fibreglass

Fibreglass works well in various circumstances, including rock, moisture, rain, or frozen soil conditions.

It can easily accommodate movement and offers flexibility. In addition, it doesn’t require much effort with its maintenance and installation.

It has a variety of shapes, designs, and colours and offers different floor patterns to meet your specifications.


The above advantages of an inground pools prove that it is better than the above-ground pool.

It is more durable and appealing and accommodates different pool features for customisation possibilities.

Moreover, various types of inground pools meet different budgets and design ideas.

Always work with a reputable and professional pool installer for optimum results and good value for your money.

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