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10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces



10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

Each of us experiences a moment when we want to shed our dated, uninteresting appearance. Of course, we’re talking about hairstyles for men. It’s similar to getting a personality makeover to change your hairstyle. Your hair and beard, together with the shape of your face, determine your overall look.

We comprehend how difficult selecting a new haircut can be. You cannot reverse a poor choice and return to the previous hairstyle. There is actual pressure! Here’s where we come in!

Choose the hairstyle that is best for the shape of your face to spare yourself all that unnecessary stress. We have the ideal long-face hairstyles for all men with oblong or oval faces! You can own awesome hairstyles using custom men’s hair systems if you need more length and volume. Come here and have a look.

Classic Side Part

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

Make sure to part your short hair sideways, no matter your style. This short, sleek, and side-swept hairstyle will look good, even with oval face shapes.

Poly hair systems for men are a fantastic option for men with long faces yet lack length or volume. Poly hair systems have hair injected or v-looped to the base. It can be parted in any direction.

Medium Length Shaggy Hairstyle

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

The broad forehead is one of the most popular hairstyles for men with long faces. Dry shampoo or matte hair pomade can easily recreate the slightly messy appearance.

Full cap wigs cover the whole head, and adjoining sideburns give a perfect-looking full head of hair. You can then style it accordingly.

Buzz Cut With Light Stubble

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

This haircut is ideal for you if you enjoy terse hairstyles. But combining this with a low-volume beard style for men with long face shapes is crucial. Any additional fullness will lengthen your face.

This is also a pull-back hairstyle, accentuating the front hairline. If hair loss is troubling you, and you are considering wearing men’s hair systems, a lace hair system for men may be a perfect choice, as the base melts perfectly into the scalp, making the hairline invisible.

Slicked Back Long Hair

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

The idea that men with long faces shouldn’t have long hair is common. That is definitely false, though. It can be one of the top hairstyles for men with long faces if done correctly. Just make sure your hair doesn’t grow past your chin in length. Permanently part your hair in a side part or back when styling.

Edgy Fade

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

A voluminous top with a sharp fade makes the long face absolutely stunning. It prevents it from looking too long and gives it a more squarish appearance. Ensure the sides aren’t entirely shaved, but keep the transition sharp.

Men’s hair toppers or men’s hair systems covering only the crown area are an economical and problem-solving method if you suffer from hair loss. The hairpiece covers only the crown area and offers the most realistic-looking scalp and hairlines.

Side Swept Undercut

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

Style your hair in a sideways fashion rather than straight up. A trendy undercut will look even better on a long face when swept sideways. Your face shape will look good with any sideways hairstyle.

Men’s custom hair systems with silk tops are the most commonly picked among all men’s custom hair systems. The silk top blends absolutely into the wearer’s scalp in tones and texture, mimicking human skin in every way. The hair looks like it’s growing from the person’s natural scalp. No one can tell this is a hairpiece wearer.

Short Spikes

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

Not every face shape can pull off this angular appearance. For men with long faces, it is a simple job. To look even edgier, pair your short spikes with an undercut. This is one of the easiest straight hairstyles for long faces to maintain.

Medium Length Crew

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

This is one of our favorite hairstyles for men with long faces. What could be simpler to style than a short haircut like this? Once more, you must remember that the sides shouldn’t be shaved down to the skin.

Short Brush-up

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

One of the most adaptable hairstyles for men is the short brush. This makes it a fantastic choice for men with long faces as well. A soft brush-up is one of the classiest and most sophisticated hairstyles for men with long faces.

Half Ponytail

10 Best Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

A half-pony with curls shortens a long face. In other words, it will seem like your face is short. Make sure your hair is neatly pulled back into a half pony using some hair cream.


It’s always been challenging to find the ideal hairstyle for long faces! These hairstyles are fashionable and straightforward, making them suitable for men with busy schedules. To save time, investigate upscale salons and grooming services. All kinds of hairstyles are achievable with the help of men’s hair systems. Hair length, volume, density, and base material are all customizable. Visit New Times Hair to learn more.

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