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Advantages of PVC fences



Advantages of PVC fences

PVC Fences appeared in a person’s life exactly when he began to consciously protect his possessions from the penetration of unexpected guests.

The appearance and design of modern fences demonstrate the level of wealth and taste of their owners.

At the same time, fences can have a different design and can be made of different materials. Some fences are real works of art, but most of them, of course, are not.

Today it is impossible to imagine life without plastic, so polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has also come to the attention of fence designers and manufacturers.

Due to the numerous advantages of this synthetic material, the production of fences from it seems to be the most optimal solution for fencing various territories and areas.

According to their properties, plastic fences are undoubtedly inferior to brick or forged counterparts in terms of reliability and beauty, but they have the necessary strength and attractiveness and are a cheap alternative to both functional and decorative fencing.

So, from plastic elements, you can quickly build a high-quality fence that will protect against unauthorized access, indiscreet looks from others and street noise, or you can design a low, elegant fence, framing the homestead.

If you are interested in installing PVC fencing, then good experience and feedback must be dealt with. Queensland fencing specialists will help you choose the option and provide the best competent installation.

Functional groups of fences

The design and design of the fence are determined by its function and are divided into three groups:

  1. an elite group of fences that combines skillfully decorated fences with high protective functions. These are for the most part high stone-brick fences with original decoration and artistic stucco, with openwork forged spans, with decorated monograms and metal figures, they are reliable protection against unauthorized access to personal territory and testify to the wealth and respectability of the owners of this type of fences;
  2. a functional group of fences, the main purpose of which is the reliable protection of the territory without any special claims to beauty. Fences of this group are the most versatile and the most widespread. Fences made of wooden fences, various corrugated boards, meshes of various materials perform well the protective functions assigned to them for fencing adjoining plots and gardens, construction sites, parking lots, etc .;
  3. a decorative group of fences is designed to divide the territory into zones, thus marking their boundaries and decorating the landscape. Decorative fences are usually made in the form of small fences made of wood and stone, exotic bamboo and ordinary metal mesh, openwork wicker sections and decorative bushes or trees planted in a row.

Benefits of plastic fencing

Plastic elements of PVC fences have a very diverse style of execution and attractive design. They can be made in the form of solid or lattice spans with decorative grilles and caps.

PVC fences do not need annual painting, the elements of such a fence can have dozens of different color shades that can last for decades.

PVC fence designs are practical and durable, not subject to rotting and corrosion (unlike wood and metal), endure sharp seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, withstand mechanical shocks and fairly high weight loads, as well as the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and various acids.

The main advantage of plastic protections is ease of installation. Due to the small mass, PVC fences do not need strip foundations, which are indispensable when installing heavy brick-stone or metal fence structures.

Plastic PVC fence supports are installed in holes previously dug in the ground and then concreted.

At the same time, when carrying out installation work, it is not necessary to have a crane and welding equipment, because all the necessary mounting and fastening units with decorative details are included in the delivery of the PVC fence.

PVC material is environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful vapors, its surface is practically not subject to pollution.

The design of the plastic fence looks quite presentable, it is enough to periodically pour water over such fences to wash off the accumulated spring dirt or summer dust.

Purchasing and building a PVC fence is cheaper than building fences from other common materials. PVC fences do not require a foundation, they are easier and cheaper to transport due to the compactness of the fence elements.

In operation, plastic fences are cheap, as they do not require periodic tinting and anti-corrosion measures.

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