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5 Reasons to Visit Starbucks in Thailand on Christmas 2022

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5 Reasons to Visit Starbucks in Thailand on Christmas 2022

The excellent coffee assortment and distinctive seasonal drinks at Starbucks are well-known. This coffee colossus has been moving away from bland shops and structures over the last few years, placing its outlets in inventive buildings that turn heads.

The corporate goal of Starbucks is to elevate its coffee brand to the top of the global coffee rankings. Starbucks intends to maintain the rapid expansion of its retail operations in order to meet this objective. The two strategies are expanding its market share in already-existing markets and opening shops in new markets.

Starbucks’ retail goal is to establish itself as a leading retailer and coffee brand in each of its target areas by offering premium coffees and related goods. By offering outstanding customer service, Starbucks also increases the level of client loyalty.


Despite being a relatively new presence in Thailand—its first store opened in July 1998—Starbucks Coffee Thailand, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Starbucks Corporation, has experienced fast growth across the country over the previous ten years. Bangkok is home to 94 of Thailand’s 131 total stores.

With the goal of introducing the Starbucks philosophy to Thai customers, Starbucks Coffee Thailand was established. Since the launch of its first store on July 17, 1988, at Central Chidlom, Starbucks has spread throughout the nation, including Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Samui, Phuket, and many other cities.


5 Reasons to Visit Starbucks in Thailand on Christmas 2022

The Integrated Tribal Development Program receives 10 Thai Baht from each cup of handmade beverages sold at Starbucks Thailand’s Langsuan community store, which was the first community store in Asia to open its doors in 2013. (ITDP). Sales from this community store still help local coffee farming communities with irrigation, health, and education initiatives. If you’re visiting India on Christmas, then you can visit Starbucks Dehradun for the best coffee experience.

Many customers of the Starbucks community store in the Langsuan area may have never been to the agricultural communities in Northern Thailand; nonetheless, by bridging these two communities, the Langsuan neighborhood’s residents will be able to strengthen the lives of those in a far-off, difficult coffee-growing community.

The 80-year-old Starbucks Langsuan community shop site is a tribute to tradition and culture in and of itself. The interior, which is housed in a traditional Thai home, honors local spirit and culture by drawing influence from the farming communities of the northern hill tribes.

The franchise owners aim to capitalize on the rising consumption in Thailand. They achieve this by opening as many Starbucks locations as they can to maximize the network’s growth and to maximize the value of the assets they possess through the network effect. In other words, the Thai Starbucks franchise owners are eagerly awaiting the day when they will become billionaires.


  1. Coffee from Starbucks Starbucks Corporation owns Thailand entirely as a subsidiary. Starbucks Coffee Thailand receives support from Starbucks devotees as a result of introducing the Starbucks experience to Thai consumers and creating new innovative beverages, which quickly accelerates the rate of expansion.
  2. According to wall street Journal, customers frequent Starbucks for a variety of reasons, including to study, meet friends, and take advantage of the tranquil atmosphere.

5 Reasons to Visit Starbucks in Thailand on Christmas 2022

Additionally, because Starbucks Coffee offers a more peaceful setting than a library, it is increasingly popular in Thailand for people to spend long hours there, particularly high-class college students.

  1. Starbucks provides more thorough training to its staff members on how to use the CRM approach or customer relationship management plan. Starbucks personnel are better able to comprehend what customers want and how to satisfy them since they have a complete and in-depth understanding of the CRM. More professional performance training is provided when making beverages, such as teaching them a few tips for creatively presenting the drinks to customers or instructing them on how to use the cream to design a pattern on coffee. This has attracted more customers and made Starbucks more appealing.
  2. Starbucks could organize and take part in more charitable events, such as providing aid to those in need like the disabled, low-income families, Haitians, and those affected by natural disasters.Numerous farming communities in Northern Thailand face hardships every day, with little access to healthcare or education and few chances to escape poverty. Numerous thousands of individuals have already benefited from Starbucks’ commitment to these communities, including better water access, nearby medical facilities, and neighborhood schools.
  3. This coffee behemoth has been eschewing mundane storefronts and structures in favor of locating its outlets in unique locations that draw attention. The city is teeming with distinctively styled shops, with everything from quaint, rural exteriors to enormous, architectural wonders.When the café-hopping craze in Thailand seems to be becoming stronger and stronger every day—people tend to worry more about snagging a cool photo for their Instagram than receiving a drink—this attention to design is a tremendous asset for the business. Additionally, Starbucks locations in Bangkok and other provinces have lovely, art-inspired interiors that make for the ideal photograph.


Due to its rich cultural diversity and popularity as a tourist destination, Thailand is a promising market with opportunities. Ironically, Starbucks will thrive in wealthy nations, especially in Western nations or Asian nations where the majority of people are middle-class, including Singapore, Japan, and Korea, among other wealthy Asian nations.

Starbucks fulfills our fantasies of an unending waterfall of caffeine by offering these astonishing alternatives from a specialty coffee faucet. After launching Starbucks Rewards in partnership with Grab earlier this year with the goal of improving the consumer experience in Southeast Asia’s six main markets—the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam—Starbucks also has ambitions to boost its online presence.

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