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What Is a Digital Nomad Visa And How to Get It?

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What Is a Digital Nomad Visa And How to Get It?

A Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal can be a great solution for those who earn their living with the help of working as freelancers. However, there are certain requirements that have to be met in order to be able to receive such a visa.

This article is going to be devoted to this aspect. Stay here in order to learn more valuable info!

Key Info about the Visa

In short, such a visa is a generous opportunity that is offered by the Portuguese government. And, it will be rather silly to miss such a chance as long as it is linked to a lot of benefits.

A lot of digital nomads enjoy living in Portugal because of the following advantages:

  • They love the climate and weather there;
  • It is not too expensive to live in this country speaking of the cost of rent;
  • The country is located close to the beautiful spots of Europe.

According to the key conditions of a Digital Nomad Visa, the participant is free to stay in Portugal for four months.

This is considered to be the initial period of stay. At the same time, the holder of the visa should not qualify for a tourist visa.

It is not really hard to get this visa if you know what to do. The main thing here is to get the proper documents ready.

As soon as this is completed, the only stuff that will have to be dealt with is patient waiting until you get your visa and will be able to enjoy all of its perks!

Take Care of Coming Across the Finest Team Possible

This is step number one speaking of its importance. It is going to influence the success of the whole undertaking. The matter is that if you find those who will mislead you, you are about to risk your money and time too.

The least hurting consequence is losing the funds while the worst is the absence of the ready visa and sharing your data with those who should not get it.

So, this is what is important when searching for a good provider who will assist you with requesting a Digital Nomad Visa online:

  • Take a look at how long the intermediary has been working in order to satisfy the clients. Such info is normally given in the reviews that are presented by those who have already ordered this type of service. It is a nice way to learn more about the firm before you start working with it.
  • Ask the intermediary as many questions as may worry you. By studying the responses, you may easily form an opinion about the provider. And, it will really help you to come up with the final decision regarding the cooperation with the company.
  • Pay enough attention to the official website of the intermediary. It should be as clear as possible. And, you certainly must be able to find the most crucial info that refers to the peculiarities of receiving a Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal.

Ask What Documents Are Crucial for the Process

As it has been stated above, the fulfilling info may be presented on the site of the provider. However, things do not always look this way.

In some cases, future clients have to clarify the stuff that is crucial for them. And, the necessary documents are not an exception here.

It is great when you see the list of the stuff that has to be prepared. But if something raises any doubts in you, do not hesitate to ask about it.

Get Them Ready As Soon As Possible

Do not delay the process as long as in this case, you will have to wait for a longer time. Start dealing with the documents as soon as you reveal what has to be prepared (because there are quite a few papers to collect). Typically, the list looks like this:

  • A copy of the passport. It should be valid for half a year after the new visa expires;
  • Proof of income;
  • Portuguese NIF;
  • Statement of your accommodation (it can be a rental agreement that will be relevant for a year or more than this);
  • A criminal record (naturally, it has to be clean enough);
  • A cover letter. It must include the motivation for your stay in the country;
  • The info about your Portuguese bank account (naturally, it should be opened in advance);
  • A Digital Nomad Visa Application Form (it is necessary to complete it).

Pay a Fee and Expect to Get the Result!

Have you collected all of the necessary stuff and enclosed it in the special form on the site of the provider?

Well, now, you should simply wait and imagine what cool opportunities a new visa will present you with!

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