Four Ways To Unlock A Door Without A Key
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Four Ways to Unlock a Door Without a Key



Four Ways to Unlock a Door Without a Key

Four Ways to Unlock a Door Without a Key – As the saying goes, while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten. Today’s burglary has evolved into a variety of methods, and the methods adopted are also strange.

There are people with complete professional tools, and there are also some thieves who use small objects around them, such as tin foil, to crack and unlock. These people, as possible victims, what countermeasures do we have?

Today, the analysis and introduction for you is about several common Lock Picking Tools, mainly to help everyone play a preventive role.

1. Beverage bottle self-made insert piece to unlock

A plastic insert cut from a beverage bottle is inserted through the slit at one end to forcefully retract the bolt and exit the locking hole to open the french door.  The traditional insert lock is mainly for inward opening door locks, and the inclined surface of the lock bolt is facing the outside of the door, so it is easier to start.

Cracking: If there is an anti-theft door at home, before going to sleep at night, you must lock the door from the inside to the safe position to prevent thieves from unlocking the door and entering the room.


When leaving home, be sure to lock the door. At the same time, “electronic dogs” and “door sensors” can also be installed on doors, windows, living rooms, etc. Once a thief breaks the door and enters the room, a loud alarm will be issued immediately.

2. “Robot” unlocking

Criminals first use the “peep hole” to peek into the room, and judge whether it is worth stealing according to the grade of interior decoration;

then remove the “peep hole”, extend the “manipulator” into the room through the peep hole installation hole, and open the door lock that is not locked to carry out theft. : It is better to install a protector on the peephole inside the door.

The so-called protector is an auxiliary product made to prevent people outside the door from observing the situation in the house through the peephole. T

his kind of protector is relatively safe, even if it is outside I opened the peep hole, and the tools couldn’t get in.

3. Tin foil for unlocking a door

The tinfoil lockpicking tool only takes a few seconds to open the Class A door locks commonly used by residents. At present, the country only allows professional lock-picking companies to use this method.

Professional lock-picking companies and locksmiths must register with the public security organs, and such unlocking tools in the hands of locksmiths can only be used by themselves, and borrowing is strictly prohibited.


Any private sale of unlocking tools is illegal in our country. Cracking: The most effective way is to change the lock.

Generally, the anti-theft door is an A-level lock. Like a B-level lock and a super-B-level lock, the special lock core structure can prevent the tin foil strip from entering.

4. Card unlock

Slowly insert a hard card from the lock cylinder of the anti-theft door, and pull it upwards to the lock.

The anti-theft door opened in response, and the whole process only took a dozen seconds. Crack: It is best to lock the door when going out.

After the door is locked, the side and top will be inserted backwards, which is relatively not easy to open.

Another way to open a locked door is by preparing some Lock Pick Set at In avoid of forgetting key or losing your key, this tool can help you out of emergency!

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