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3 Top Things You Need to Look for in VA Disability Lawyer



3 Things You Need to Look for in VA Disability Lawyers

More than 20 million people in the United States are veterans. As per reports, more than 25% of them suffer from a service-connected disability and need a VA disability lawyer. The VA, also known as the Department of Veterans Affairs, provides tax-free compensation to veterans who have suffered from injuries or other types of medical conditions while serving in the military.

If you or someone you love is facing such situations, it’s extremely important to hire an experienced VA disability lawyer to help boost your chances of receiving the claim. However, choosing the right veteran disability lawyer might prove to be daunting and time-consuming.

To help you ease the process, here are the important things you need to look for while searching for VA disability lawyers to prove their effectiveness.

1. Look for the VA Accreditation

One of the most important things you need to ask your potential VA disability lawyer is whether they are VA accredited or not. When the lawyers are VA accredited, this means that they are recognized and authorized by the Department of VA Affairs.

It will also imply that the lawyers are capable of helping the military service members or veterans with their disability claims.

This VA accreditation will aim to ensure a proper standard of expertise for a VA disability lawyer. If you choose lawyers who don’t have the proper accreditations provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs, they won’t be able to represent your claim to the court.

Therefore, ensure you always check the Department of Veterans Affairs database, which stores a list of accredited VA disability lawyers. This way, you can determine whether the lawyers have the relevant credentials.

2. Field of Legal Expertise

Your next step is to take a look at the legal expertise of your VA disability lawyer. You must also hire an attorney with proper knowledge of the veteran and disability laws.

Make sure you visit the veteran’s disability blog to know more.

Here are the crucial questions that you need to ask the lawyers you’re planning to hire so that you can know their practice areas as well as their duration of practice in this respected field:

  • How long they have been helping their clients as per the veteran and disability claims?
  • From where do they receive their training?
  • Have they ever handled a case like yours?
  • What is their field of expertise?
  • What is their track record of success?

After you ask these questions, make sure you pay close attention to what the lawyers are responding to.

3. References and Reputation of a VA Disability Lawyer

If the law firms you choose have a website, make sure you review their testimonial page to know the reviews. Additionally, you can also search on Google to see the reviews of their law firm.

This is why you always need to use the internet. As per Computer Hope, the internet will help you seek information. If they have any social media handles, you can check their LinkedIn or Facebook page to know what their previous clients say about them.

Considering the reputation and reviews is one of the best ways to choose a great VA disability lawyer.


You should also look for these essential things while searching for a VA disability lawyer. If you have any other questions, make sure you contact us.

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