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7 Tips to Plan Your Next Flight to NYC



7 Tips to Plan Your Next Flight to NYC

New York City, NYC also known as the city that never sleeps, is an exciting area that is full of restaurants, music, shopping, and iconic architecture. Most people want to visit NYC at least once to see it in person as it is popularly depicted in countless TV shows and movies.

If you are coming from across the country, you may decide to drive the entire way, but more than likely you will choose to fly to save time and money. Check out these tips below for how to plan a seamless trip to the Big Apple.

1. Check your tickets-

You may have double, and even triple-checked your tickets before purchasing, but it never hurts to do it again.

Before heading out the door, check those tickets one last time to ensure they are for the right day and time.

Mistakes can happen even to the best of us, and you don’t want to get all the way to the airport for them to tell you that you do not have the right day.

If by chance you’ve made a mistake, you’ll have time to reschedule.

2. Create a list-

If you begin packing right before the trip, you may forget some of your essential items. This is because you haven’t given yourself enough time to think about what you may need for your vacation.

If you begin a list to write down items that you will need as you go, you will remember what you need to pack so nothing gets forgotten.

Whether it is something small like a favorite shirt or something important such as prescription medication, you’ll want to ensure you have those items on hand.

3. Pack light-

If you’ve ever been to an airport, you know that a checked bag can only weigh 50 pounds or less before extra charges begin to accrue.

To avoid these extra fees, you will want to avoid packing too many items or items that are too heavy.

Because of this, try to pack only one more outfit than the number of days you will be away so your bag doesn’t exceed the weight limit.

Try to stick to one additional pair of shoes as this will help lower the weight of your bag.

4. Take Vitamin C-

Before, during, and after your flight, try to take in more Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin that your body needs to help maintain a strong immune system.

Airports and planes are swarming with bacteria and viruses because so many people are in such close of contact.

Your goal is to make yourself the least susceptible to illnesses. Eating more citrus or taking vitamins such as Vitamin C or zinc can help build up your immunity to viruses and improve your chances of fighting off illness.

5. Tag your bag-

Imagine you are coming off the plane and waiting for your luggage, and multiple bags come out of the baggage claim, all of them looking the same. This is a real possibility and can be confusing when trying to figure out which is yours.

To avoid searching through other people’s belongings to find your bag, either give your bag a tag with your name and contact info or tie a ribbon or string of your preference to easily identify your belongings.

This will save you time and frustration from sifting through countless bags.

6. Get to the airport early-

At the airport, there is often a huge line at the security checkpoint. If you get to the airport with just moments to spare before your flight, you may find yourself missing the plane if you can’t get through TSA fast enough.

Give yourself additional time to get to the airport to board the plane.

7. Schedule a chauffeur-

Driving in the city can be daunting for even the most experienced NYC drivers. Coming out of the airport you will find yourself needing to get to your next destination, whether it be to the hotel or another stop.

You could call a car using a rideshare service and wait for them to arrive, and then panic in the backseat over the crazy traffic.

Or, you can schedule an airport transfers New York service to be ready to pick you up from the airport as you land. This same service can also pick you up once you are ready to head back to the airport after your trip.

Using a service such as this will allow you to enjoy your vacation without sweating the small stuff.

NYC is a popular destination for many people who live outside the area. It is a city known to be thrilling and full of life, and brimming with the opportunity to experience areas such as Broadway, Chinatown and Central Park.

NYC is a place where anyone can find something they enjoy whether it be food, music, or entertainment, but it can be difficult to navigate.

Before taking a trip to NYC, ensure you have solid plans in place for you to travel around the city without the added stress of traffic.

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