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Why You Should Consider Using a Registered Agent Service




There are many benefits to using someone to serve as your registered agent. When choosing a registered agent service, you should look for someone in the state where your LLC is doing business.

Potential Benefits of using a registered agent

Your business needs to stay up-to-date with all the state requirements. As soon as you file for an LLC, you have to provide the state with the address of your registered agent and all regular state reminders are sent to that address.

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As you go about your daily business, you will have the peace of mind that someone will always be available to receive these documents. You will also be notified of deadlines well before the time. This ensures that you and your business have:

Compliance with the law and the inevitable fines and legal fees if you were not available to receive the documents personally. Also, all your corporate documents are backed up in case they are lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Assistance if you need to find a state-specific legal or accounting professional.

Flexibility for you to be unavailable during office hours.

Easy LLC formations as you grow your business in more states through the services of a national registered agent.

Privacy is ensured because no one has your business or home address and you will never be faced with loads of unwanted mail. If you are ever served with a lawsuit, you will never be in the embarrassing position of having to get served at your business or in front of your family.

Peace of mind for you as you work at expanding your business, but without constantly having to worry that you have forgotten something important. Good registered agent services also ensure that you have other business support wherever required, and you can maintain a more balanced work-life, its really up to you depending on the context of the requirements. Here is a good LLC Service that you should look into to save time and money.

Choosing a registered agent

Prefer to choose a national registered agent as you start your LLC. This will ensure that they have offices available in any of the states where you choose to expand your business because they are qualified to offer coverage in all the states. Other features are important to consider when choosing a registered agent service:

Compliance management is an essential service that you should look for. It ensures that you receive reminders for all important compliance and filing deadlines.

Document management by the registered agent ensures that you have access to all the documents for the business as they receive it. These are also scanned so that they are always available online in case you need to retrieve or see anything.

Availability from a reliable customer service team is an essential aspect that you must consider when choosing one. Most registered agent services have expert teams that can help you with various business issues. They can offer you answers and solutions for various business questions you may have.

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Other registered agent options

If you prefer, you can elect to be your business’s registered agent. This is cheaper, but you need to have a physical address in the state where your business is registered, and you must always be available during working hours on weekdays.

You can also appoint a trusted friend or family member if they meet the above conditions and are 18 years or older.

What does it cost to use registered agent services?

Registered agent services are relatively cheap and start from about $50 to $300 annually. The fee is relatively low for the services they offer, especially since they save you time and offer peace of mind. If you register your LLC through a registered agent, many offer their services to you for free in the first year. Others offer generous discounts if you buy their services for several years.

Can I change my registered agent?

You can change your registered agent if you reflect this with the state by applying online. Before giving the new address details to the state, you will need a signed letter of consent from your new registered agent. The cost of changing your registered agent will depend on the state but can be anything between $0 to $50.

Read more about registered agent services and find some of the recommended national ones.


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