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Looking at the Process for Printing a Funny T-Shirt



Looking at the Process for Printing a Funny T-shirt

When you are drawn to a funny t-shirt you see in a clothing shop you might not think too hard about the process of how it was created. However, if you are thinking about creating and printing your own t-shirts then this is something you need to know.

The choices you make with t shirt printing Singapore will impact the quality of the print, and how long the printed shirt will last. Here is a look at some of the more frequently used garment printing processes. Think about why you need the shirts and the design and factors like quality as you look at them.

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Transfer t-shirt printing is good for short term needs

Transfer printing is the same whether you do it at home or professionally, it is just at a printer the results tend to be better and more effective. The image and text are printed on transfer paper and then this is placed where you want it to be on the t-shirt, and heat is used to transfer it from the paper to the shirt. It has been criticized because it does start to fade and does not last as many washes as other methods.

Looking at the Process for Printing a Funny T-shirt

Exploring screen printing and it’s popularity

The method that has been around for the most time, thousands of years in some form, is screen printing, once called silk screen printing. It is the method most commonly used for larger orders of t shirt printing Singapore as most printers offer discounts on the price per shirt when they use this option. It is best for simple images with three or fewer colors since it takes a lot of set up and one screen is needed per color. The more complicated it is the longer it takes the printer to set up so the more they will charge.

What is Vinyl printing?

Vinyl t-shirt printing is most often seen on sports team kits where there is a number on one side and a name on the other side. It is achieved using a computer to design the image and logo and then it is cut out and stuck on. It is fast to set up and create and does not cost a lot so is good for a lot of things and as long as it is done well it should last longer than say transfer printing though perhaps not as long as screen printing.


These three printing methods are the more commonly seen ones at professional printers but there are others. DTG is one that is growing in popularity because it is the most modern using digital technology. You can use t-shirt printing methods to create funny clothes yourself, make staff uniforms, team uniforms, promotional gear and more.

Your budget and the reason for the printing will help guide you toward which printing method best meets your needs. If you have a printing method in mind and the printer does not offer it you can go online to find someone who does, or you can talk to them about whether their printing methods can still meet your needs without breaking the bank.

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