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Why its Important to Use Underlayment Under a Metal Roof



Why its Important to Use Underlayment Under a Metal Roof

When it comes to fixing a new roof for your new house or even replacing an old roof, you need to understand what kind of roof you want. People decide to use different types of roofing materials for several reasons. One of the types of roofing materials available for use is metal roofing.

People use metal roofing because of its strength. It offers more protection than asphalt shingles. Metal roofs are fashioned to last long, they save energy and do not require loads of maintenance. Metal roofs consist of different materials such as aluminium, copper, steel, tin, and zinc. Materials used in making metal roofing are recycled and are also recyclable, and this makes metal roofs environmentally friendly.

They are durable and safe to use. They will not go up in flames when there is a fire or lightning. Due to their numerous advantages, metal roofs are expensive. So, getting a metal roof means you will live in the house long term. Before installing a metal roof in Broomall, make sure the Broomall roofing company you are employing can get the job done well.

Wrongly installing a metal roof will reduce its durability and lifespan. Correctly installing a metal roof and ensuring the roof has the necessary underlayment before installation is crucial.

Underlayment for Metal Roofing

Underlayment protects the house against different weather conditions and makes sure the roof deck is protected as well. Although a metal roof is durable, it still requires underlayment. Your roofing contractor can use between two to three underlayment materials made out of different materials and serve various purposes.

You might be wondering why the metal roofing requires so much fuss when it is so strong. If you are installing a long term roof, you might as well make sure everything is done correctly so the roof can perform its maximum function.

Three main kinds of underlayment are used for metal roofs, they are:

● Self-adhering underlayment;

● Asphalt felt underlayment;

● Synthetic underlayment.

These types of underlayments are used based on the homeowners’ budget and the climate, which affects roofing in Broomall. Synthetic underlayment is the most durable type of underlayment. Different layers of underlayment are placed under a metal roof to ensure its durability and longevity. If you are thinking of constructing a flat roof instead, then asphalt roofing is your best option.

Layers of Underlayments

The first layer of underlayment is to protect the house against ice and water. An underlayment, made of rubberized asphalt or a polyethylene sheet with a butyl-based adhesive surface, can be used. Make sure whatever underlayment obtained is of high quality and can withstand different temperatures.

The second underlayment layer should be made out of polypropylene scrim. It serves as a moisture barrier. The polypropylene scrim has multiple layers and is designed to be used under a metal roof. The third underlayment layer can be added to the first two layers acting as a breather. It reduces the level of heat that gets to the building structure when there are high temperatures in Broomall.


A roofing project in Broomall is a grand project, and a metal roofing project is a bigger one. After deciding that you want to install a metal roof, contact a roofing expert in Broomall to get the job done. Legacy Service USA LLC offers roofing companies recommendations and other home improvements advice. They have been in business since 2005 and have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

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