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How to Write an Essay on “Fashion and Style” or “Modern Fashion”

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How to Write an Essay on "Fashion and Style" or "Modern Fashion"

Most Thailand students and schoolchildren are often faced with the problem of writing an essay. Each student is given a different topic. But what to do if you need homework help and do not know how to write an essay? Or you can get help from essay writers from Domyessay team.

There are Thailand students who immediately solve this problem, because on any website, for example on writing essays you can buy a paper on the topic you need. But what to do for those who do not have money or people who decided to write on their own. Here is some information on the topic of fashion that may come in handy for writing an essay.

Fashion is the popularity, the dominance of a particular taste or style in a particular area. For example, in the area of sewing ready-made clothing. Fashion is transient, that is, it tends to change. Today’s fashionable down jackets with glowing stripes. And tomorrow fashions are already changing, quilted coats with gothic patterns and scrolls are becoming fashionable.

For example, in some season among the population a classic style of dressing is popular. Snow-white collars, austere features of suits, glossy black skirts, clarity and neatness in everything! And the other season is represented by the fantasy or romantic style. Here are massively fluttering in the wind on the streets of cities with wide skirts with lace and ruffles, and transparent sleeves of blouses. The eye meets embroidered corsets and the same embroidered jackets, fancy hats, colorful shawls with tassels.

There is an everyday fashion and there is a holiday one. For example, it is fashionable to wear colored shirts for every day. On holidays it is fashionable to wear short black dresses with open shoulders and thin straps.

Style is a little different. It is not fashion. Style is a certain accent, an image that fits a person’s taste. Style is expressed in clothing, shoes, furniture, home furnishings, the architecture of buildings and other structures. And there are many other things in which style can be expressed. “Stylish” does not mean “fashionable.” Although both words are often said as a compliment to a person. For example, “You are so classy!”

In today’s world, both fashion and style are varied. Like the world itself, they are full of a mass of interesting events and manifestations. How many styles exist now in furniture design alone? And only recognized styles? Ten? Fifty? It seems to me that with all the styles and sub-styles there would be at least a hundred!

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