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Why Is There So Much Hype for Bidets?



Why Is There So Much Hype for Bidets?

Over the past few years, people have gotten really excited about bidets in their bathrooms. If you have any friends who have installed bidets, they’ve likely told you about their new bathroom experience – and they may have pressured you to try using one as well.

But why is there all this hype, and are these devices really worth it?

Bidet Basics

In case you aren’t familiar, bidets are bathroom devices designed to supply your underside with a steady stream of water, so you can wash yourself clean (instead of just wiping with paper).

Historically, these have been installed and used as independent devices. But these days, you can purchase bidets that function as an addition to your toilet seat, or bidet hoses designed to attach to your existing toilet.

When you’re finished with your business, you can adjust the temperature, turn the water supply on, gently rinse yourself, then pat yourself dry. If you’re not used to this cleaning method, it may feel a bit strange at first, but you’ll quickly realize how intuitive this is.

The Practical Benefits of Bidets

Bidets are becoming more popular in part because of how many practical benefits they offer:

· A more thorough clean. If your hands were dirty with a foreign substance, would they feel clean after simply wiping them off with a dry napkin? Probably not. You would want to wash them off with water before you felt fully clean. That’s because water typically provides you with a more thorough clean than dry paper; this is the principle that makes bidets such a common bathroom choice around the world. If you want to get as clean as possible after using the bathroom, a bidet is probably your best option.

· A more comfortable clean. Many people find it much more comfortable to clean themselves with water, rather than wiping with paper. Wiping creates friction, which in turn, can lead to discomfort or itching. The first spray of water you experience may be surprising, but once you’re used to it, it’s much more comfortable.

· Less toilet paper used. You may use a small amount of paper to pat yourself dry, but most people who use bidets use far less toilet paper than their counterparts. This can save you money on hundreds of rolls of toilet paper every year.

· Minimal water used. Some people are worried about transitioning to a bidet because they don’t want to drastically increase their water consumption. But these bathroom devices don’t use much water; they pose no environmental hazard and shouldn’t increase your water bill by much.

· Lower risk of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a commonly painful condition that develop as swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum. Unfortunately, wiping with toilet paper can increase your risk of developing this condition. If you use a bidet, you’ll be at comparatively lower risk.

Additional Factors for Recent Bidet Hype

these are additional factors driving hype and enthusiasm for modern bidets:

· New models and technologies. If you want to get a bidet in your existing bathroom, you don’t have to invest in a full-scale remodel. You don’t have to install a new plumbing line, nor do you need a standalone device. Instead, you can choose from a wide selection of modern technologies available, in many different shapes and sizes sold by brands all over the country. Whatever bidet experience you’re looking for, there’s probably a model that’s a perfect fit for you.

· Greater social acceptance. There’s currently much greater social acceptance of installing and using bidets than there’s been in the past. People are more comfortable openly talking about their bathroom experiences, and they’re more open minded about culturally different approaches to cleanliness. After using a bidet for the first time, you might be excited to tell a friend, relative, or neighbor about it.

· Environmental concerns. Generally, bidets are considered more environmentally friendly than using toilet paper. You’ll drastically cut how much toilet paper you use and you’ll only use a trivial amount of extra water. If you want to live the most sustainable life you can, a bidet is a practical necessity.

· Trend dynamics. Bidets are also getting popular, in part, because they’ve already become a bit of a trend. People talk about bidets more than usual, generating more sales, which then lead to even greater volumes of discussion.

If you’ve never tried a bidet before, you should make it a point to try this cleaning device at least once. That way, you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth all the hype.

Some people who have grown up with toilet paper may never feel fully comfortable using a bidet to clean themselves, but most people open minded enough to give it a reasonable attempt will find themselves switching eventually.

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