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Which Amanita Gummies Brand Is Worth Your Money?



Which Amanita Gummies Brand Is Worth Your Money?

Amanita Gummies – Nicknamed “the fairytale mushroom,” the fly agaric, or Amanita muscaria, is very much in the spotlight. Various cultures have used this mushroom for its apparent healing capabilities for hundreds of years.

Yet, it has only hit the mainstream fairly recently, which helps explain why amanita is so misunderstood. Read certain articles on the mushroom, and you may believe it is highly toxic and dangerous. However, those with experience researching and using amanita are adamant that this is not the case.

Nonetheless, more research is necessary to say this for sure. Even though studies are ongoing, consumers can’t seem to get enough of amanita gummies. This product is a convenient way to use the mushroom and tastes delicious. The problem is that the industry is poorly regulated. As such, there are plenty of low-grade products on the market.

This article should help you traverse the muddy fly agaric waters by outlining the best amanita gummies sellers around.

1 – VidaCap

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Rather than keep you in suspense, I’ll get right to the point and say that the best amanita gummies come from VidaCap. Founded by Jeff Yauck, who is already well-known in CBD circles, VidaCap describes itself as a “one-stop shop for mushroom supplements.” The brand sells a wide variety of fungi, including lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms.

Yet, VidaCap’s amanita gummies have captivated the brand’s growing audience. Each piece contains 500mg of amanita extract and eight gummies per container. Unlike many other brands, VidaCap keeps its list of ingredients to a minimum. Notably, the company uses pectin, a deliberate decision to ensure its product is vegan-friendly.

It’s also important to note that the brand offers third-party lab reports with its amanita gummies. While one would like to think this is standard, sadly, this isn’t the case in the fledgling amanita industry. A quick check of the report reveals that the gummies have a high level of muscimol, which is precisely what consumers want to see.

To top things off, this product is available in a genuinely delicious Berry & Mango flavor. Those who try it can’t wait to have a second piece. Overall, VidaCap sells the best amanita gummies around and sets a very high standard.

2 – Premium Jane

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But for the existence of VidaCap, I would be writing that the best amanita gummies come from Premium Jane. The Scottsdale-based organization is known for being one of the best CBD brands on the planet. In recent times, though, Premium Jane has branched out and now sells amanita gummies and delta-8. What’s also interesting is the fact that Jeff Yauck of VidaCap is also the co-founder of Premium Jane!

In any case, Premium Jane’s foray into the amanita gummies market is welcome, given the absence of high-quality recognizable brands. Its product comprises eight gummies, each containing 500mg of amanita extract.

However, a second option exists for those looking to enjoy a completely unique experience. Premium Jane sells gummies containing 500mg of amanita AND 5mg of delta-9. While amanita doesn’t contain psilocybin, it does have a psychoactive effect. Add in the known intoxicating properties of delta-9, and you have a product that is NOT for novices!

3 – Modus Mushrooms

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There isn’t a great deal of information regarding Modus Mushrooms. The brand’s official site doesn’t have an ‘About Us’ page, nor does it give any details about its founders. Instead, the site says that the products are made in California and leaves it at that. The lack of info is a shame because it could prevent Modus from becoming one of the best amanita gummies sellers in a market where transparency is key.

Modus’ “Voodoo” amanita gummies contain 500mg of extract apiece, and there are six pieces in a bag. Users can choose between a generous selection of flavors, including Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus, Green Potion and Blue Magic. In essence, these are fancy names for an assortment of fruity flavors.

You will find certificates of analysis (COAs) for most of the flavors on the official site. They were updated recently and provide information on the amanita gummies’ muscarine, muscimol, and ibotenic acid content. It’s interesting to note that the gummies have a reasonable degree of ibotenic acid. This may not be to everyone’s tastes, although there is a suggestion that the downsides of the compound are overblown.

4 – Galaxy Treats

Even though Amanita muscaria is legal in many countries and 49 American states (every state barring Louisiana), it seems most sellers want to keep a low profile. Galaxy Treats also lacks some transparency since it doesn’t outline who the founders are on its official website. It says that the brand is “the leader in hemp-derived edibles.”

Its amanita gummies product contains more extract than most other brands, with 750mg per piece. Eight gummies are in a container, meaning you get 6,000mg of amanita per purchase. You can buy the gummies, nicknamed “moon shrooms” on the website, in several flavors, including Cherry Berry, Blueberry, and Strawberry.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’re greeted with Galaxy Treats’ lab results. The reports are more detailed for some products than others, and some COAs don’t highlight the muscimol content, which is a little odd.

Certainly, the brand has plenty of plus points, but its decision to equate amanita with psychedelic mushrooms regarding the marketing language used is a little strange.

For instance, the description of the amanita gummies uses the term “trippy” and suggests that users will have a “chilled-out psychedelic experience.” I suggest Galaxy Treats take a second look at how it describes its gummies.

Finally, since it uses gelatin, the gummies are unsuitable for vegetarians.

5 – Wunder

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Once again, this brand has a dearth of information due to its lack of an “About Us” page. I can tell you that the brand uses some ‘interesting’ imagery in its design for its amanita gummies. One might even say that Wunder veers towards the ‘psychedelic’ similarly to Galaxy Treats.

In any case, its amanita gummies contain 500mg of the extract, and there are five pieces per container. The Strawberry Nectarine flavor is the only one that contains amanita only. The Watermelon gummies come with 10mg of delta-9 THC, with Wunder stating that users may experience a profound sense of euphoria, time distortion, and altered perception depending on the dose.

The Blue Razz flavor contains 75mg of Kava per gummy, and Wunder suggests that this product will lead to complete relaxation. The brand includes COAs with its products, which is a plus, although the report does reveal a decent level of ibotenic acid. In any case, Wunder is an interesting brand but needs to provide more details about the organization before it becomes as trustworthy as other brands on this list.

Final Thoughts on the Best Amanita Gummies

There’s little doubt that amanita gummies are all the rage. The trouble is that the lack of regulation means consumers are taking the standard of products on trust. Realistically, it’s best to stick with well-known brands, which is one of the reasons why I recommend VidaCap as the seller of the best amanita gummies.

It is more transparent than other brands. Its gummies come with lab reports and taste delicious! Thus, you get what you pay for and then some.

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