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What it Takes to Be a Good Leader, and How to Become One

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Good Leader

What Does it Mean to Be A Leader?

To be considered a good leader, you must be someone who has a vision, and who knows how to get there. You should also have the ability to ensure your team gets the necessary resources and support needed to achieve their objectives.

A successful leader has a common vision that is based on fundamental values; and is aware of what it will take to achieve the team’s objectives. He/she is also highly motivational.

What Are Some of The Most Prevalent Traits of A Leader?

Leaders are fearless, but they never abandon their followers. Leaders accept a variety of leadership attributes and can’t be pigeonholed into a single style. They balance vision with support, empowering team members to reach common goals.

Here are seven main features leaders possess:

  • Purpose: It’s difficult to encourage team members without a sense of purpose. Leaders enable others to see the motivation behind certain goals, allowing everybody to take part on an equal footing. This encourages team members to embrace their unique leadership characteristics to meet the broader aim.
  • Motivation: Leaders are excellent motivators who set value-aligned goals that drive team members to strive toward the company’s mission. Motivation is more than just words. Great leaders communicate with their people and pay attention to their ideas and concerns.
  • Vision: Leaders understand the broad picture and can rally their people around a common goal. Leaders inspire their team with an end-goal that connects with individual values and motivates action by leveraging team strengths and core beliefs. Leaders are visionaries for expansion and growth.
  • Empathy: Leaders understand and sympathize with their subordinates. It’s how they motivate individuals to go above and beyond their obligations to achieve a common goal.
  • Creativity: Managers may be tempted to maintain the status quo, but leaders make bold and imaginative splashes; thus infusing creativity into the minds of followers as well
  • Team Vision: Although the company’s general vision may originate with its executives, it will be meaningless if it does not resonate with team members. Team members are motivated to go above and beyond their obligations to achieve their goals when they share their leader’s vision and beliefs.
  • Always striving to be better: Leaders are always striving to improve. Leaders who are looking to develop themselves and their teams are always looking for ways to do so. Higher innovation and long-term success may result as a result of this.


How Can You Improve Your Leadership Skills?

There’s always room for growth in leadership. No matter where you are on your leadership path, you can improve by following these steps.

Pay attention and learn.

It’s about social skills, not power and control, when it comes to leadership. A leader should take out time to understand themselves and their team. You should take the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment Test to learn more about yourself and your leadership skills.

Make it possible for your team members to play to their strengths and optimize their productivity. Inquire about staff ideas and request feedback.

Set team goals that everyone can agree on.

Leaders know where they want to go and take the time to learn about the personal objectives and ambitions of their team members. This effort typically makes teammates feel appreciated and included in the company’s greater goal.

Investigate the core values of your team members and combine them into wider, team- and company-wide objectives.

Always look out for ways to improve.

Leaders are always looking for ways to improve themselves and their employees.

Who do you admire as a leader? Get to know those leaders better, and seek mentorship from one of them. You can also read books on leadership to sharpen your perspective.

Again, you could request suggestions for improvement from your coworkers and team members. Create chances for open dialogue and feedback at all levels of your company.



Leaders are defined by their ability to imagine, encourage, plan, and support their teams toward success, regardless of their title or position in the firm. They are more than managers; leaders are visionaries who encourage others to join them on their quest for greater things. Take the bold step to sharpen your leadership skills today!

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