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Tungsten Factory Operations and Quality Control

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tungsten manufacturing vietnam

Let’s venture deep into a typical tungsten factory, where skill and accuracy come together to turn raw materials into premium tungsten products. We’ll delve into the intricate procedures involved, the vital roles played by employees, the importance placed on safety protocols, and the painstaking steps needed to guarantee the best quality tungsten output.

Supplies and Sourcing

The first stage of a tungsten factory’s production process involves acquiring premium tungsten ore to be used as feedstock during tungsten production. Tungsten factories build relationships with tungsten mines across the world to source their raw materials typically consisting of of scheelite and wolframite which are two tungsten-rich minerals used in the extraction process.

Large quantities of high-quality tungsten ores are often mined from locations including:

  • China: With some of the greatest tungsten reserves in the world, China has historically been a major producer of tungsten. Hunan, Jiangxi, and Guangdong are recognised for having superior tungsten ore.
  • Vietnam: With reserves that are renowned for their purity, Vietnam is yet another important producer of tungsten. Tungsten mining is especially well-known in the Dai Tu district.
  • Russia: High-grade tungsten ore resources are known to exist in some areas of the country, including the Altai Krai.
  • Bolivia: Good-quality tungsten ore is known to be produced by tungsten mines there, particularly in the Sangayuni region.
  • Portugal: High-quality tungsten ore is known to be produced in the Panasqueira mine in Portugal.

tungsten manufacturing vietnam

Measures of Quality Control

Quality control and putting strict quality procedures into place is crucial for the output of a high quality final product. This process first begins during the extraction and mining of ores and continues deep into the production process at the tungsten factory where refinement occurs..

Extraction workers and tungsten factory workers both assure the quality and dependability of the goods by putting every piece of feedstock and produced tungsten through rigorous testing and inspection procedures that satisfy the highest industry requirements.

Feedstocks must be carefully inspected for quality control to ensure raw materials meet the high standards of production. This process first begins before mining extraction. To make sure the raw materials fulfill the necessary quality requirements and are appropriate for further manufacturing, inspection is an essential step in the process. Usually, the examination entails the following crucial steps:

  • Samples:

Representative amounts of the feedstock made of tungsten are gathered. To ensure a complete representation, these samples are frequently gathered from several areas of the ore deposit or shipment.

  • Chemical Analysis:

To ascertain the composition of the collected substance, a chemical analysis is performed. This entails determining the tungsten concentration and the existence of any contaminants. High tungsten concentration and low impurity levels are characteristics of high-quality tungsten feedstocks.

  • Mineralogical Examination:

Examining the mineral makeup of the ore is known as mineralogical examination. Tungsten can be found in varied concentrations in different minerals; thus, a grasp of mineralogy aids in the optimisation of the extraction procedure.

  • Physical Characteristics:

It is possible to quantify the feedstock’s physical characteristics, such as its hardness and density. These characteristics can offer more information about the material’s quality and suitability for the manufacturing of tungsten.

  • Testing for Moisture Content:

The ore’s moisture content is crucial to be determined. Overwetness can alter the final product’s quality and reduce the effectiveness of further processing procedures.

  • Particle Size Analysis:

An investigation is conducted into the ore particles’ size distribution. The right techniques for additional processing and extraction must be determined using this information.

  • Impurity analysis:

Impurity testing examines the presence of several metals and minerals in addition to tungsten. If impurities are present in large enough amounts, they may need further purification processes and alter the final tungsten product’s characteristics.

  • Standards for Quality Control:

The inspection procedure complies with accepted quality control guidelines that are particular to the manufacture of tungsten. These guidelines aid in ensuring uniformity and adherence to sector requirements.

  • Regulation Compliance:

Throughout the inspection process, adherence to safety and environmental standards is guaranteed. Promoting ethical and sustainable mining methods requires this.

Tungsten Factory

Tungsten Factory Production Processes – Purification and Smelting

The tungsten metal is extracted from the concentrated tungsten ore by smelting it.

The most popular technique for smelting tungsten is the high-temperature carbothermic reduction process. This method yields tungsten and carbon dioxide when tungsten oxide, either from wolframite or scheelite, combines with carbon. Usually, the procedure is done at extremely high temperatures in reverberatory or electric arc furnaces. This process looks like the following:

  1. Tungsten ore is processed into tungsten oxide by first crushing and grinding the ore and using gravity to concentrate the heavier tungsten materials.
  2. Next, the ore is roasted incorporating oxygen and creating tungsten oxide.
  3. Tungsten oxide is then combined with a carbon element such as coal before it is loaded into the furnace where temperatures reach extreme levels, usually above 2,500 degrees Celsius.
  4. Carbon dioxide is released when tungsten oxide and carbon react in the presence of heat, reducing tungsten oxide to pure tungsten metal droplets which are collected at the base of the electric arc furnace.
  5. The tungsten can then be further purified using processes such as hydrothermic reductions to reach the required purity.
  6. Depending on the desired uses, the refined tungsten can then be further processed into other forms as powders, bars, or sheets.

tungsten manufacturing vietnam

Case Study: Tungsten Metals Group

Tungsten Metals Group owns and operates a tungsten factory based in Vietnam who specialise in the production of ferrotungsten, a superalloy combining tungsten with iron that is commonly used in a variety of industries. Their ATC Vietnam factory boasts the largest ferrotungsten output capacity of any tungsten factory outside of China and Russia at 4,000 tons per year.

Using an electric arc furnace and an almost identical process as mentioned above, Tungsten Metals Group incorporates iron into the smelting process along with tungsten oxide and a carbon element to produce this tungsten alloy in large quantities. Learn more about Tungsten Metals Group.

This tour of a tungsten factory and its production processes demonstrates the painstaking attention to detail and commitment involved in the creation of this critical metal. Every step of the process, from the deliberate procurement of premium tungsten ores to the stringent quality control procedures guaranteeing the highest standards, is evidence of the dedication to accuracy.

The ultimate forms of tungsten ores, such as powders, bars, or sheets, are created by a combination of precision, expertise, and observance of safety and environmental regulations. This journey results in the delivery of premium tungsten products that support a variety of industrial applications worldwide.


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