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The Use of Temporary Classrooms in Modern Schools



Temporary classrooms

Temporary classrooms refer to learning structures designed for temporary use in schools. However, it also comprises classrooms made of materials that are not considered permanent such as steel frames, fabric, and PVC panels, even though they are used for many years. Schools have now normalized the use of temporary classrooms to meet their needs.

The reasons behind the adoption of these classrooms include affordability, time-saving, and flexibility. There are numerous other benefits of using modular or custom temporary classrooms. The only way to appreciate the benefits is to use the classrooms.

If you are an investor in the education sector or a school manager, there is a lot you need to know about the temporary classrooms. Here are some insights to help you make the right decisions.

Modular vs. Custom Temporary Classrooms

A school has to decide whether they want modular classrooms made of prefabricated panels or custom-made classrooms that are planned, designed, and fabricated to the specifications of the school. So, which category is better?

The answer to this is determined by many factors. First, the preference of the school says what they will go for. Modular classrooms made of shipping containers are preferred when there is an urgent need for additional classrooms. A school can opt to hire or buy the modular classrooms that also come in panels that are assembled on site.

On the other hand, a school may prefer to buy custom temporary classrooms when they want a specific design, materials, or when the space is very limited. According to the Smart-Space company, it is possible to come up with bespoke classrooms that will fit in between other classrooms.

Buying or Renting

Temporary structures are designed to be used on a short-term basis when there is a pandemic like a coronavirus, fire, or floods. Since they provide space when sorting out the emergency, it is prudent to rent. You can hire temporary classrooms when the school has a large intake, or during a time like this when social distancing is needed to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

But you can buy temporary classrooms if you intend to use them as long-term solutions. As we are going to see below, classrooms to be used for a couple of years should be made of semi-permanent materials like steel, shipping containers, engineered wood panels, or any other.

Types of Temporary Classrooms

· Steel and iron frames – Whether the temporary classrooms are made of PVC panels, fabric, or wood, they need sturdy steel or iron panels to hold them in place. Large classrooms can easily come down unless the frames are fastened well and anchored strongly on the ground. Steel is better than iron because it does not rust easily.

· Steel shipping containers – Modern schools have been enjoying converted shipping containers that come as a complete temporary classroom. They are fitted with all learning amenities, and once placed on the site, they are ready for use.

· Fabric tents– You may have seen makeshift fabric tents being used as a temporary classroom in schools when there is a large intake. Since they are flexible, they can be relocated with ease, making them the best when hiring.

· PVC and wooden panels – Temporary classrooms made of screwed PVC and wooden panels are common in modern schools. They are used as a long-term solution. If they are maintained well, they can serve the school for many years.


Temporary classrooms are becoming more permanent solutions for modern schools because of the benefits we mentioned at the beginning. And as you can see, it is important to choose well to suit the needs of your school. When you are not sure which to choose, it is better to involve a professional consultant from the beginning.




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