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How to Write a Topic Sentence in 5 Steps?



Topic Sentence

Understanding what constitutes a topic sentence and learning how to write one is essential for every writer. Every paragraph usually begins with a topic sentence. Therefore, you should know how to write a good topic sentence. Failing to include a topic sentence can make your writing look haphazard.

You need to incorporate a topic sentence in an essay to let your readers know what the topic is about and what they can expect from the rest of the paragraph. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing an essay or a thesis; your topic sentences should be faithful to the controlling idea.

Writing an academic paper is hard in itself, but it is even more challenging when you’re unaware of the writing guidelines. Hence, if you don’t know the rules of writing a topic sentence, you’ll probably end up creating a sub-par topic sentence.

Similarly, if you lack the skills and understanding to write your thesis, consider hiring a reputable assignment writing service rather than struggling with it. You can get professional assistance from qualified writers who know all academic writing conventions.

What is a topic sentence?

A topic sentence is written as an introduction to a paragraph. It presents the central theme or idea of the paragraph to the audience. sentences generally appear in the first sentence of the paragraph. The remaining paragraph sentences support the primary focal point stated by the sentence.

In academic writing, topic sentences are crucial elements that support the primary thesis. It consists of two parts- the topic and the central idea. Moreover, sentences act as a transition between different paragraphs, allowing a seamless flow of ideas and information.

How to write a topic sentence? 5 Steps

If you are unaware of how to write a sentence, follow the steps given below:

  • Write a thesis statement:

You can create more concise topic sentences when you’re equipped with a solid and clear thesis statement. While the thesis statement encapsulates the fundamental objective of the paper, you can use the statement as a base to write your sentence and the rest of your paper. So, always begin the essay by writing the thesis statement first.

  • Develop an outline:

As with any writing task, create an outline for your essay. The outline is the roadmap of the essay that you can follow while composing your paper. You can create detailed notes on the overall structure of the paper, the different sections, and the content for each paragraph within the section. Once you have drafted the outline, you can create a sentence for each paragraph. Ensure that the sentence is concise, coherent, and relevant to the main topic.

  • Create a hook and add transitions:

The topic sentence should provide the reader with a preview of what’s to come. That being said, it has to be catchy enough to encourage the reader to keep reading. The sentence must have a hook that draws the reader’s attention. You can use the sentence to describe a character, portray an emotion, or present a dialogue.

Moreover, all the sentences must take the conversation forward from the previous paragraph. They should connect the paragraphs and create a seamless flow of information. Use transition words to display how the idea proceeds from one paragraph to the next. Ensure there are no inconsistencies or gaps when transitioning from one paragraph to the other.

  • Provide a unique perspective:

A topic sentence must provide your perspective rather than stating a fact or asking a rhetorical question. When using a fact as a sentence, it doesn’t accurately depict the paragraph’s controlling idea. Also, avoid using rhetorical questions as you want to encourage the audience to ask the questions instead of posing the question yourself. You can introduce your perspective or state your opinion in the sentence and use the rest of the paragraph to validate your claim.

  • Consider your choice of words:

Your topic sentence should be short and to the point without too many details. Given its length, you don’t have too much scope to deviate. Your sentence has to be specific enough to summarize the main logic of the whole paragraph in one sentence. Hence, your choice of words is critical in this matter. You must carefully consider your vocabulary when framing the topic sentence. Use words and phrases that aptly describe the content of the paragraph.

Examples of good topic sentences

  • Main idea- Good eating habits and exercise are essential for health.

Topic sentence- “Balanced eating habits combined with regular exercise can help us live longer and healthier.”

  • Main idea- Climate change is happening right now.

Topic sentence- “Climate is no longer a scientific theory; it’s the current reality for many people across the globe.”

  • Main idea- Fast fashion is bad for the environment.

Topic sentence- “Fast fashion is responsible for not only depleting our resources and creating a massive waste problem, but it’s also a major carbon emitter.”

Wrapping Up

Topic sentences are a fundamental writing element that every writer should know about. We hope this guide helped address your question on how to write a topic sentence. Do keep these points in mind when you begin writing your following essay.


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