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The Sneaky Genius Strategies Used in Online Gambling

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The Sneaky Genius Strategies Used in Online Gambling

Betting and online gambling games are often thought to be a thing of purely coincidental chance. While this statement isn’t entirely wrong, it does go off the assumption that most players only do it instinctively, for the thrill.

For example, when playing poker, you never know what set of cards is going to come up. Even so, many people win only after they spend minutes on end strategizing every single move, regardless of what they’ve got in their hand. And that’s the whole point of having a solid strategy – make the most out of your current situation. Here’s how you too can improve your odds of winning:

Bet Maximum 2% of Your Bankroll

The most basic and effective strategy when playing a game of pure chance is to conserve your money. As such, the first rule of professional gambling is to treat every wager as a maximum risk. This way, you’ll never lose more than you can afford to.

For example, let’s say your salary is $2000. Then that means 2% of your salary is $40, which in turn means you should wager $40 or less on every bet. This way, even if you make multiple wrong bets, at least you won’t be wasting too much of your income.

Only Play in Tournaments

Almost every basic strategy pundit tells you to only play in tournaments at some point in time. That is because if you just pay a flat fee up front but win the tournament the value of the prize could be substantially more than your buy in fee.

And even if you don’t land on first place, there are still significant rewards for those one second or third place. Gambling only in tournaments will also reduce the time you have to wager on other non-related things, so you might be able to keep gambling addiction under control.

analyzing risk and reward in gambling

Form Unpredictable Combinations

Another key strategy that pros like to use is to mix up their game so that opponents will never truly get a reading of how their brain works. Of course, there is no magic formula that will work for this all the time, so it’s up to you to figure out how to do it in a given scenario.

Bet on Baccarat’s Banker Hand

This tip is more game-specific rather than a general rule of thumb, but it will give you a significant winning advantage, nevertheless. Baccarat gives you three different betting options, including the banker hand, player hand, and tie bet. And the top system for playing baccarat involves making the banker bet every time.

Applying this strategy and only betting on the banker’s hand is a great way for casual players to get an upper hand on the house and increase their chances of winning. You’ll also significantly decrease your chances of losing everything every time you apply this method.

Research a Team or Player’s History

Finally, the last strategy that will make you win big (or at least not lose everything) is to always take note of individual players and teams’ performance in the recent past. Even a sports software demo will show you the odds based on past experiences and performance.

As such, we can conclude that research is one key thing that will save you in case you plan on betting on something that isn’t up to sheer random chance

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