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The Best Places To Teach English Abroad Right Now



The Best Places To Teach English Abroad Right Now

The Best Places To Teach English Abroad Right Now –  Since 2019, anything related to travel has been very quiet.

Before then, travellers used to move from country to country to explore sights and experience cultures.

People who wanted to experience living in different places would pick up new jobs that offered them a living and working abroad experience.

Some people would work on fruit farms, some would take up jobs at hotels and resorts, and the smartest of the bunch would become TEFL teachers.

Of all the jobs you can take on, teaching English abroad is probably the best one by far.

In most countries, it offers relatively good pay compared to the cost of living there.

This way you can not only experience living in that country, but you can also save money and enjoy your free time travelling.

Teaching English as a second language is done in countries where English isn’t so commonly spoken.

Think of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America.

South America has some really good locations for English teachers, like Costa Rica and Mexico, but they don’t pay that well, unfortunately.

However, the experiences there could easily make up for that, so teachers do still love those locations.

Europe has become a bit stricter regarding TEFL teachers working there, so although places like Spain are really popular, you will need to have an EU visa.

Since Brexit, UK nationals have lost the privilege to work in Europe without a permit, so many of those teachers have had to move to other places.

Teachers can also work in the Middle East. Some of the highest paying jobs around are located there.

Then, of course, you have Asia. This is pretty much the place to be if you value a balance between pay and lifestyle.

Now let’s take a look at the best countries for you to teach English right now.

Teach English in South Korea

South Korea is one of the most popular places in Asia right now.

If you watch Netflix, you’ve probably seen a Korean movie. Just think of Squid Games or Parasite.

And if you’ve listened to the top tracks, I’m sure you’ve come across Blackpink or BTS at least once.

This growth in popularity of Korean culture along with the amazing culture, food and nightlife is luring English teachers from all around the world.

Teaching jobs in Korea are mostly in Seoul, but other popular locations are Busan and Daegu.

Salaries in South Korea are not the highest, but not the lowest either.

You can expect to earn 2 – 3 million Won per month here, and many places do offer accommodation and flight benefits.

Teach English in Vietnam

Vietnam is a gem of South East Asia. It’s often overshadowed by Thailand when it comes to tourism, but for TEFL, it is one of the hottest locations to be right now.

China used to own the crown, but since the pandemic, things have changed a bit in China.

Private education was shut down by the CCP, causing many of the big schools to close.

This forced teachers to look for new places to work, and Vietnam has always been a place where teachers could thrive.

Teaching jobs in Vietnam are mostly located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but you can also find many in Da Nang or other cities throughout the country.

In Vietnam, people speak Vietnamese, but you don’t need to learn any of it to get around here. As an English teacher, you will only be allowed to speak in English with your students.

But even though you won’t need it, learning a few phrases will only benefit you, especially if you plan to stay more than a year or two.

Now one of the reasons TEFL is so popular in Vietnam is because the country provides amazing natural scenery.

Think of mountains, beaches, and nature reserves. There is just so much to do here, and the lifestyle is very attractive to many.

Along with that, teachers earn salaries of about 40 – 60 million Dong per month, which is much higher than the cost of living.

So by teaching English in Vietnam, you will be able to earn well and live well!

Teach English in China

China is the king when it comes to TEFL, and the biggest schools are here, and so are the biggest salaries.

The country is massive, and teachers can work in cities like Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen if they want to experience life in the megacities, or they can explore life in more rural towns.

Salaries in China are high, often around $3000 per month, with accommodation benefits.

Now living in a first-tier city will cost you more than living in a third-tier so it comes down to whether you want to have an active social life or save some money and live a more quiet life.

Now China has taken a bit of a hit in the TEFL world recently when the government forced privately owned schools to close.

The reason the CCP brought this law forward was to even out education fairness. They didn’t want richer kids who could afford extra classes to have an unfair advantage. They wanted it to be equal.

Unfortunately, this caused many language centres to close, and many teachers lost their jobs.

Now you can still find great jobs in public schools in China, but not nearly as much as before, and as you can imagine, the competition for those jobs is now extremely high.

Teach English in Thailand

Everyone loves Thailand, and the idea of living there is really exciting.

You’ll find that Thailand is the place most teachers want to teach English, but teacher salaries are actually quite low.

The cost of living is low, and salaries are fair compared to that, but it’s not as high as TEFL teachers would like.

Teaching salaries here are usually between 40k – 60k Baht per month.

Strangely enough, that doesn’t seem to scare off teachers, and they keep going to Thailand, ignoring the better-paid jobs in Vietnam and China.

At the end of the day, money isn’t the only important thing, and if you love Thailand and will enjoy life more over there, it’s a place to consider when picking your teaching abroad destination.

Teach English in Taiwan

The tropical island of Taiwan which lies between China and Japan is one of the most underrated places in the world to work as an English teacher.

For the last, all the marketing has been done by China with schools offering large salaries and benefits like free accommodation, flights and paid holidays. So, of course, this will attract many candidates.

Many people who want to teach English have not had much travel Experience, and China might be the first location they go to.

They’ve probably heard of Japan and China, but only people who really paid attention in Geography class would know about Taiwan.

Now Taiwan offers a great immersion of Chinese food and culture but in a more western environment.

The people are really friendly, and the students are great. Work hours are not easy, but it’s much more relaxed than in mainland China.

If you teach English in Taiwan, you won’t earn a salary as high as in China, but you will still earn a pretty good one of NT$ 40k – 70k per month.

Now, this is more than enough, as the cost of living in Taiwan is actually pretty low for such a developed country.

Meaning that teachers have a great lifestyle here. Not to mention the tropical weather and great nature you can find on the Island.

Taiwan has often coined “Chinese Hawaii,” after all.

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