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The Best Allroad Fat Tire Electric Bike We Tried in 2023: Freebeat MorphRover



Fat Tire Electric Bike

The electric bike market is booming, with more ebike brands than ever before. Designs are getting better, technology is improving reliability, and capabilities are expanding. Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, you have a wide range of choices, including folding e-bikes, sturdy fat tire ebikes, electric-assist road bikes, and various commuter and city electric bikes. The freedom from traditional bike limitations, like weight and gearing, has led to lots of innovative e-bike designs.

But which eBike truly delivers top-tier performance? We had the opportunity to review the world’s first Allroad 2-in-1 Fat Tire eBike: the MorphRover by freebeat. This exceptional eBike is equipped with robust fat tires for superior performance across all terrains and weather conditions and is also the first eBike designed for outdoor adventures and indoor fitness. This innovation positions it as a game-changer in the fitness industry.

What is an Allroad Fat Tire Electric Bike?

An “Allroad Fat Tire eBike” is meticulously designed to offer a comfortable and versatile riding experience across diverse environments. It’s crafted to tackle various terrains, including roads, trails, gravel paths, and even more challenging off-road conditions, ensuring its adaptability to different adventure styles. This ebike is built to provide stability, comfort, and reliable performance, making it well-suited for navigating uneven surfaces and rugged terrain.

One standout feature of the MorphRover is its impressive 4” fat tires, thoughtfully designed for all-road versatility. These tires effortlessly glide over bumpy city streets, and their substantial thickness offers exceptional performance on uneven surfaces. The added width of these tires proves beneficial even in challenging weather conditions. These tires also enhance balance and control, making fat tire electric bikes adept on various surfaces and terrains.

Let’s start reviewing what freebeat’s new MorphRover eBike has to offer. We’ll delve into its remarkable attributes, highlighting what we found impressive and offering insights on important considerations while riding this bike. Take a look at these features and see what separates the MorphRover from other ebike competitors.

Unveiling the New Ebike – freebeat MorphRover

freebeat MorphRover ebike

Price: $1,799

Colors: Sage Green, Midnight Black, Sahara Sand

Motor: 750W Brushless Hub Motor

Speed: Up to 20 MPH

Battery: 48V

Range: Up to 60 Miles

Tires: 4 Inches Fat Tire

Weight: 77 lbs

Fat Tire Electric Bike Fat Tire Electric Bike Fat Tire Electric Bike

  1. Power-Packed 750W Brushless Motor

The first thing that stood out with freebeat’s MorphRover was its motor. The powerful 750W brushless motor generates an impressive 85Nm of torque, allowing riders to experience the exhilarating speed of up to 20mph. It also made it easy for us to ride over uneven terrains and up hills. Even though the bike weighs 42 lbs, the motor handled it well, making uphill rides feel smooth. We tested it both off-road and in the city.

In the city, the MorphRover proved its mettle, navigating potholes with consistency. Maneuvering was easy, and turning felt natural. Additionally, this bike isn’t just about performance during the day, its integrated night light ensures safe and illuminated journeys, making after-dark adventures not just possible but also safe. And for those concerned about unpredictable weather, the bike’s IPX5 waterproof finish means rain, drizzle, or shine, your adventure doesn’t have to pause.

  1. 720Wh Removable Battery

The MorphRover’s battery is where freebeat truly shines. Tucked neatly within its design is a 720Wh removable powerhouse, a testament to freebeat’s commitment to quality and performance. Accredited with a UL certification, the LG battery isn’t just about numbers; it’s about real-world performance. Imagine journeying up to 60 miles on a single charge – that’s the promise the MorphRover brings to the table.

Crafted meticulously, the battery isn’t just a storage unit. Its robust construction speaks of durability and reliability, ensuring riders are investing in a long-lasting companion. But freebeat didn’t stop there. They introduced a world-first: a self-charging feature. Picture this – you find yourself low on charge, miles away from home. Instead of panicking, you manually pedal using the provided portable indoor rack, giving the battery the boost it needs. It’s not just innovation; it’s peace of mind.

  1. World’s 1st 2-In-1 eBike

One of the remarkable aspects that drew our attention was the indoor activities offered by freebeat’s MorphRover, which other electric bikes out there don’t offer. From this immersive indoor experience, the MorphRover introduces an eco-friendly dimension to your workouts. With its innovative 2-in-1 Smart Motor Control Algorithm, your indoor cycling efforts and calories burned are converted into CO2-free mileage.

Essentially, you’re not just working out; you’re generating clean energy. This means that a mere 30-minute exercise session can power the bike for an impressive distance of up to 10 miles, reinforcing the bike’s commitment to sustainability by offering 100% CO2-free energy. It felt so good to see that freebeat maintained its indoor appeal while also making outdoor riding fun.

They’ve designed these experiences with easy accessibility and convenience in mind. To embark on your indoor fitness journey, simply follow their “3 simple steps to indoor mode”. Once set up, using their smart app, you can enjoy the class from various display options, be it your iPad, smartphone, or even projecting spin classes onto a larger screen.

Fat Tire Electric Bike Fat Tire Electric Bike

  1. An All-In-One Smart App

The freebeat App will become your ultimate indoor and outdoor ride companion. It is incredibly easy to use and understand, with smart navigation and real-time metric tracking features. The cool thing about the new MorphRover is that it incorporates a ton of ideas about sustainability. The bike shows how much energy you are saving and provides clear illustrations for riders.

During rides, the app provides essential information to help you plan and track everything. You are able to record your progress to monitor your improvements.

Fat Tire Electric BikeFat Tire Electric Bike

  1. A Greener World, One Ride at a Time

Everyone wants to leave their mark on the world, but it’s always important to consider the effect of your actions. freebeat has shown where it stands when it comes to the climate. Its commitment to environmental conservation is evident, and freebeat has stated that with every purchase of a MorphRover eBike, a tree will be planted in the Amazon. This is made possible through their partnership with One Tree Planted, and the partnership is expected to continue well into the future.

Benefits of freebeat MophRover Allroad Fat Tire eBike

  • Ride any time: Fat tires are almost completely insusceptible to bad weather conditions.
  • Low maintenance: Surprisingly resilient to damage.
  • Accessible: The additional comfort and balance improve accessibility for riders of all abilities.
  • Fit for outdoor adventures: Suitable for a range of activities, from city commuting and beach cruising to mountain trekking.
  • Earn 100% CO2-free Energy: Converts calories into clean energy. 30 minutes exercise = up to 10 miles outdoor riding range.

Fat Tire Electric Bike


In conclusion, the MorphRover by Freebeat stands out in the eBike market, not just as a regular bike, but as a bridge between outdoor adventure and indoor fitness. This 2-in-1 eBike offers a blend of adventure and sustainability, equipped with fat tires that provide reliability across diverse terrains.

Its innovative feature of converting indoor cycling efforts into clean energy underscores its commitment to the environment. With a robust motor, long-lasting battery, and an intuitive app, the freebeat MorphRover delivers a comprehensive biking experience, establishing itself as one of the top choices this year.

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