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Taxi Service Satisfaction Rating in the Lion City Drops



Taxi Service Satisfaction Rating in the Lion City Drops

Taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) make it easy to commute around Singapore from one place to another.

Both may be booked through an app, website, or phone, and passengers can flag down cabs on the street or meet them at taxi stands.

A Straits Times poll conducted in July 2022 indicates that respondents are less satisfied with the “ease of obtaining a ride” and the “waiting for a ride.”

Street hailed Taxis in Singapore are declining, and private hire vehicles (PHVs) have since tripled in numbers.

How Fares are Determined

Metered taxi prices vary depending on the distance travelled and any additional fees that may be imposed.

There are no adjustments to the current rules regarding street-hailing fares. Street hails will still be subject to the regular metered price.

New rules guarantee that licensed ride-hailing service providers can keep providing taxi rides with metered fares.

Taxi and PHV ride-hail tariffs will be determined freely by licensed ride-hail service providers. Commuters using a legitimate ride-hailing app are informed of the flat fee they may expect to pay before making a reservation.

How much is a Cab Ride in Singapore?

Companies in Singapore’s taxi industry set their own rates. Taxi rates might vary from operator to operator and are continuously metered.

Additional fees may be incurred depending on the time of day, the reservation type, the destination, and the make and model of the taxi.

The LTA and the Public Transport Council collaborate with operators to maintain some features of tariff standardization and clarity.

Commuters may pay with various methods, including cash, credit cards, nets, and stored value cards.

Other Rate-Determining Factors

Remember that there are costs associated with making a reservation and that taxi service is not guaranteed.

Flag-down Rate, distance fare, and other fees like peak hour, midnight charges, city area surcharge, ERP charges, and others will be supplemented by additional booking charges according to each type of booking.

Response Rating, System Effectiveness, Time to Respond with Taxi Confirmation, Taxi Model, Booking Experience Rating, and Booking Hassle may impact the final Rate.

Why Do Singaporeans Prefer Large PHVs?

When traveling for an extended time, passengers’ primary concern is comfort. Here’s when Singapore’s large cabs come in handy.

A large cab can seat seven people, but a regular taxi can only fit four people. This is because a large cab is often a van, both of which are optimized for long-distance travel in comfort.

You can unwind on the way to the airport or any other destination, thanks to the spacious interior.

Looking for a Large Cab?

MaxiCabNow large cab booking service is perfect for out-of-town trips with the whole family, corporate events with a lot of people in tow, or social gatherings with a lot of people who need more room to move about.

If you need accessible transportation for a wheelchair or any other special accommodations, MaxiCabNow has you covered. Much space is available, so even large bags may be transported easily.

All prices are shown before any applicable road taxes.

Location Surcharge: 

Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, and the Jurong area have $10 beginning and ending points. A $40 additional fee applies to visits to Tuas and Jurong Island.



(Between 23:00 and 06:30)

Added Stop on the way:

If you’re going less than 2 kilometers along your route, it’ll only cost you $10.

$20 for trips of less than 4 kilometers

Waiting Time: 

Each increment of 15 minutes costs $10.

(The first ten minutes are on the house.)

Meet and Greet:


In terms of waiting time, the first 45 minutes are always complimentary.

Each additional 15 minutes is $10.

You will get a text message confirming the Driver’s information.

For booking information, call the Maxicab Hotline Number: +65 8300 0991 or visit their site.

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