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Public Transport Vehicles to Be Checked Every 90Km Across Thailand

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BANGKOK – Thailand’s Department of Land Transport (DLT) now requires public transport operators to be checked every 90 kilometers. Ensuring that the drivers and vehicles meet the news required safety standards.

Mr Pheeraphol Thawornsuphacharoen, Director-General of  (DLT), said that his department will be conducting safety inspections of all forms of public transport across the country.

The DLT is cooperating with the Highways Police and Transport Company Limited in the inspection of public transport. Inspection will be conducted around the clock 24 hours a day.

Public transport operators who try to skip the safety checks are punishable under the Land Transport Act B.E. 2522 Section 31 (10) or Section 32 (6). Inspections will check the vehicles’ condition, and its documentation, as well as signs of alcohol or drug use in the drivers.

Public transport inspection measures at the check points will encourage public transport operators to supervise the safety of vehicles. Inspectors will also routinely check drivers abilities and awareness.

The new safety measures have been implemented to prevent more deaths and injuries resulting from public transport accidents.

Public Transport Vans and Bus Crashes are a Daily Occurrence in Thailand

bus crash

Traveling in long-distance buses in Thailand can be dangerous, as most expats who have live here can tell you. News reports appear several times a month of bus crashes in Thailand. Buses driving off roads or crashing into ditches, or hitting or rear-ending other vehicles and sometimes bursting into flames.

Four days ago an inter-provincial bus driver has been killed and 33 passengers hurt when the bus rear-ended a trailer truck.  The crash happened around 1.20am, in central Thailand’s Prachinburi Province.

The Rayong-Nong Khai bus, was found in a roadside ditch when police and rescue arrived at the scene.

The front of the bus was badly damaged with the driver badly hurt and trapped inside.

Last month, a tourist bus with 19 Chinese tourists was involved in a head-on collision with a pickup truck. The truck driver was killed instantly, and several bus passengers were rushed to hospital with injuries.


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