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Splunking SAP and Turning Data into Action

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Splunking SAP and Turning Data into Action

Working with more than hundred Fortune 500 Enterprises looking to better manage their SAP environment with Splunk and RHONDOS, the RHONDOS team could not be more thrilled about Splunk as well as SAP’s new relationship , and the benefits it will provide to both the customers and partner ecosystem.

Since the beginning, organizations that are aware save millions each month through observing and analyzing what is happening with the SAP applications and their infrastructure. Join a Splunk certification course to learn more.

What is their secret?

Splunking SAP environments with a ready-to-roll application known as PowerConnect for SAP and Splunk.

The vital business information generated by SAP systems could be the most valuable and important data that an enterprise can generate. Utilizing PowerConnect to gain access to SAP data and then combining it with real-time cloud data and infrastructure data in Splunk provides unimaginable visibility and gives you a huge competitive edge. Splunk and PowerConnect make perfect companions with the Intelligent Enterprise, with the established capability to help companies cut down on P1 problems by up to 30% or less, reduce the MTTR down to 70% and be in conformity with industry-specific and complex security standards.

The Benefits in Splunk for SAP

As an essential ERP software, SAP has strict retention guidelines to keep production environments functioning efficiently. It also has a standard schema for transactions that allow for maximum compatibility for more than 500.000 of the world’s top enterprises. This means that the range of traditional reporting options for crucial security and performance-related data is limited, which makes Splunk’s schema-on-read capabilities a game-changer for SAP’s SAP ecosystem. Check out this Splunk dashboard now.

We’ve seen SAP teams discover the information they didn’t even realize existed. In just a few hours or two of examining information in Splunk Our customers have discovered an individual with extremely elevated permissions, a configuration problem that is causing the pesky middleware issues which have been popping up for the past six months, and even basic problems like abnormally large numbers of users who have access to a development system.

The transparency Splunk gives can have major effects on the company.

For instance, our team worked with a Fortune 100 manufacturer that narrowly avoided the possibility of an SAP P1 downtime because of a poorly constructed SQL statement. The ability of Splunk to connect the data generated by work applications table locks as well as the custom SQL statements in the level of the database real-time prevented the client from suffering an unplanned outage. Forty minutes before the first warning sign the operation team was alerted and was able to pinpoint and resolve the issue before it escalated into an outage that was complete which is not available with their standard monitoring system.

An outage in one instance can cost companies more than $200,000 an hour. In order to eliminate SAP P1-related events has been the top priority for everyone from the end-users up to the CEO.

Accelerate Time to Value by using PowerConnect with Splunk & SAP

PowerConnect for SAP and Splunk by BNW Consulting is the only product on the market that can be SAP-certified for integration for Splunk and SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver for the purpose of sending any encrypted SAP data and type of transaction (structured as well as unstructured!) to Splunk.

With more than 50 predefined dashboards within the PowerConnect App, SAP teams can investigate security and performance as well as business information in real-time in ways previously unimaginable. Dashboards, extractors, and custom dashboards are able to be created quickly to let companies perform IT in their own way.

In the end, it speeds the process of investigating, identifies the root cause faster, cuts down on the mean time to resolution and makes it easier to create timely alerts for important SAP events.

PowerConnect to Splunk & SAP is a tested solution which has been extensively used and tested in the most challenging and demanding SAP environments across the globe. We know this because RHONDOS is the sole master distributor of PowerConnect across North America and provides 24/7 assistance for deployments.


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