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5 Tips to Implementing the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

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5 Tips to Implementing the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Greenhouse Gas Protocol –  The impact of climate change is becoming more evident to everyone around the world, even those who thought it to be a political stunt.

Climate change is gradually increasing, eating away the earth and its living inhabitants with the scarcity of food and incurable sickness.

Today, Europe is experiencing one of its worst heat waves in history.

Temperatures in different cities on the continent have reached a record high of about 40°C, thereby forcing residents to fight for an already dwindling water supply to keep themselves cool.

In an attempt to fight and reduce the impact of climate change by a few years, politicians across the globe came up with the greenhouse gas protocol as a standard for carbon emission for countries and companies.

To understand the greenhouse gas protocol and its benefits, you need to understand the impact of climate change on the planet.

This protocol has, over the years, aided in creating and implementing climate change laws and policies in different countries across the world.

As more governments and companies are yet to implement or adhere to the greenhouse gas protocol.

here are some tips on how these countries, corporations, and individuals can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Saving the Planet One Step at a Time

Below are some actionable ways to save the planet:

Renewable Energy

One area that can be a game changer in fighting climate change is the energy sector.

According to statistics, over 3 billion barrels of crude oil are consumed by power plants and emitted into the atmosphere daily.

The impact of this daily emission is that a large chunk of the ozone layer is being wiped out, and places like the iced polar regions, which account for over 60% of the world’s freshwater, are gradually melting away into the ocean, leading to a rise in sea levels and flooding.

To checkmate this disaster from happening, the use of fossil fuels in power plants needs to be stopped and substituted for wind and solar energy with the backing of policymakers.

With wind and solar power plants, the world can reduce the negative impacts of climate change by 12%, saving the lives of many around the world.

Reform the Transportation Sector

The transportation sector accounts for over 30% of carbon emissions on earth according to the United Nations.

In the United States alone, 20 million barrels of petroleum products were used daily in 2019.

To help reduce the usage of petroleum products and protect the planet from destroying itself, the need for a cultural change among individuals and companies worldwide is imperative.

For improved living conditions, the attitude of the global citizens towards transportation must change.

People should learn to adapt to activities like cycling, walking, and running as a means of transport to fight climate change and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

On the other hand, auto companies, the most prominent players in the transportation sector, must take responsibility for the climate change crisis and change their manufacturing policies from fossil fuel to renewable energy-powered automobiles.

Plant Trees

Trees are one of our greatest allies in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The trees account for a considerable percentage of the oxygen we consume and also help neutralize the effect of carbon emissions on the environment.

With trees being cut down daily to make way for farms, roads, building complexes, and other developmental activities, the fight against climate change are nearly dead.

To get back on the winning side of this fight, the world must learn to plant more trees than it consumes and create punishable laws against tree falling.

Tress also plays a huge role in preventing desertification by serving as windbreaks.

Change Attitude Toward Food

The food we eat also plays a role in fighting greenhouse gas emissions.

To contribute your small quote to the fight, endeavor to eat mainly plant-based foods and avoid food wastage. This is a very small price to pay in protecting the earth and its inhabitants.

With more than 1 billion tonnes of food wasted annually, there is so much pressure on farmers and their farmlands to produce more food to feed 7 billion people.

To help prevent food wastage, only buy or prepare food you can need at a particular time. Also, eating plant-based foods is very healthy and reduces the pressure on livestock grazing lands.

Create and Implement Climate Change Laws And Policies

If the world doesn’t win the war against greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, lawmakers and governments across the globe are to be blamed.

With proper laws and working policies like the greenhouse gas protocol, companies and individuals can be forced to change their unhealthy lifestyles for the betterment of the environment. Make sure that you advocate for policies that support saving the planet.


The danger of greenhouse gasses on the planet cannot be overemphasized.

This is why you need to be part of the climate change alleviation movement today and help make the world a safer and healthy place for all living things.

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