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Social Media Usage and Its Contribution to Car Crashes

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Social Media Usage and Its Contribution to Car Crashes

Most drivers show negligence while driving and end up colliding with another vehicle. If you’re lucky, you could get away with minor cuts, but there are chances you could sustain deadly blows.

When it comes to distractions, mobiles cause maximum damage. These applications are so addictive that drivers often lose focus of the road and can’t comprehend what’s coming in front of them.

Therefore, no matter how attractive the content on your social media account might be, don’t let it divert your focus from the road. Even if it’s just a notification, read it once you have reached your destination. And if it’s an emergency, park your car at the side and pick up your phone.

Losing your attention even for a minute could risk your life and put everyone else on the road in danger. Here’s a short guide on social media that can lead to some of the worst crashes ever witnessed.

Social Media Usage as a Type of Distracted Driving

Being on the road and having control of your vehicle’s steering puts immense responsibility on your shoulders. You must be extremely careful so that no one gets hurt because of your carelessness.

However, some drivers make the mistake of using their phones while driving. These social media apps can be distracting, and you won’t be able to stop once you start scrolling. There will always be a temptation to watch another reel, and the consequences will be deathly.

According to legal experts at Dolinsky Law Group, Indianapolis, IN, “Distracted driving is a significant concern, leading to serious crashes and fatalities, and with the advent of smart devices like phones, the risk becomes higher.”

Which Social Media Activities Cause Accidents?

Some activities that can affect your concentration and lead to potential crashes are:

Typing or Reading Posts

As insignificant as writing a reply might be, its consequences are massive. You might be writing a short message and could fail to see the traffic jam ahead. That means you won’t be able to stop your car in time and will collide with the next vehicle.

If you think a few seconds of distraction won’t cause any harm, you’re mistaken. From scrolling to viewing images, anything could be the reason behind a colossal collision on the road.

Live Streaming while Driving

Social media apps have created the trend of live streaming while doing any activity, and individuals often start live streaming during their drive.

It is the worst possible decision as your attention will be divided, and you won’t be able to comprehend the sudden changes on the road.

Social Media Challenges

Another reason social media is the main culprit behind crashes is because of these social media challenges. People love to go viral and do several stunts to impress the audience, but some of these acts are dangerous.

For example, the bird box challenge became one of the most famous trends but led to accidents of young influencers who tried driving blindfolded.

Similarly, the Kiki challenge that gained so much popularity for individuals jumping out of moving vehicles has led people to intensive care units.

Apart from these challenges and trends, social media apps have dangerous features that lead to drivers being reckless. The speed filter of Snapchat, which lets you record and share your car’s speed, has led to several individuals being involved in crashes. Some drivers have even lost their lives while performing the act.

Understanding Liability in a Crash Caused by Social Media Usage

No doubt, eating, looking to the sides, and talking on the phone are all forms of distracted driving, but using social media has a significant negative impact. That is why, every state prohibits the use of phones while in the driving seat.

Since you intentionally use your phone, you will be responsible for the consequences. Drivers can be charged with manslaughter as well if someone loses their life.

Drivers are not allowed to enter numbers, symbols, or characters into any smart devices. So, driving and texting make you responsible for the crash, and you pay a hefty penalty.

At times, social media firms can also be held responsible if the reason behind the crash is their application’s features.

What to do After a Crash?

Experiencing a crash is already traumatizing for your mental and physical health. To further add to the problem, you have to fight a legal battle that could further drain your energy.

In such circumstances, hiring a lawyer is the best decision. You might not be able to prove another driver’s negligence without professional help.

Accidents concerning the use of social media get complicated, but having an attorney by your side protects you from unwanted blame. These attorneys analyze your case, understand your situation, and come up with a brilliant strategy to defend you.

You can relax and recover from your injuries while your lawyers handle all the challenging tasks.

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