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10 Best Coin Value Lookup Websites



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Coin collecting is a popular hobby for people of all ages. From rare antique coins to modern collectible coins, there are many different types of coins to collect. When starting or expanding a coin collection, it’s important to understand the value of the coins you want to buy or sell. There are many online resources that provide coin value lookup and prices to help collectors make informed decisions. Here are 10 of the best coin value lookup websites:

Best Coin Value Lookup Websites

1. CoinValueLookup

Determining accurate values for coins is essential for collectors and dealers alike. Coin Value Lookup provides an easy way to find current market prices for all types of coins. it’s extensive database covers everything from early American coppers to modern mint issues. By searching through thousands of certified and uncertified coin listings, you can quickly find retail and wholesale values in multiple grades. compiles pricing data from respected industry sources to give you real-time valuation information. With it’s user-friendly interface and fast search capabilities, you can value any coin in your collection or inventory to make informed buying and selling decisions.

2. PCGS CoinFacts

PCGS CoinFacts is considered the most authoritative online reference for U.S. coins. This site offers a comprehensive coin value lookup covering all U.S. coins from early American days to modern issues. You can search by denomination, date, and mintmark to find coin details and values for grades ranging from Good to Perfect 70.

PCGS CoinFacts provides market pricing information for major coin series like Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, and others. The site is the online version of the famous PCGS Price Guide books. In addition to retail values, PCGS CoinFacts offers auction records, population reports, specifications, and expert commentary about individual coin series.

3. NumisMedia

NumisMedia provides free Fair Market Value prices for all U.S. coins and many world coins. This online price guide is aimed at coin dealers, but collectors can benefit from the extensive listings as well.

You can look up coin values by searching the free database online. Listings include retail prices for most grade levels, certified and uncertified. The FMV prices are updated weekly based on dealer wholesale reports and real-time sales data.

NumisMedia has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to find coin values quickly. The site covers everything from early American coppers to modern U.S. mint coins. You can also access auction records to see how much coins have sold for at major auction houses.

4. Coin Value Checker

Finding accurate coin values can be challenging with so many pricing resources available. That’s why does the work for you. it’s easy-to-use search tool allows you to look up current market prices for any U.S. or world coin. Simply enter the coin details like country, denomination, date, mintmark and condition grade.

In seconds, you’ll see fair value ranges compiled from dealer transactions and price guide data. See valuations for raw, slabbed, circulated, and uncirculated coins. Bookmark favorite listings and set price alerts. Read it’s educational articles and guides to further your collecting knowledge. Rely on as your trusted resource for coin values and prices whenever you need accurate information.

5. NGC Coin Explorer

NGC Coin Explorer is the official online price guide of Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), one of the top two coin grading companies. This value lookup tool provides retail prices for U.S. coins in all NGC-certified grade levels.

The NGC Coin Explorer offers coin values, images, census data, and other specifications for a vast array of certified U.S. coins. You can search for individual coins from early American coppers to modern dollars. Market valuations are provided for all coins certified by NGC since 1987.

This coin value guide is handy for looking up NGC-certified coins in your collection. By entering a certification number, you can instantly see that coin’s description, grade, value range, and populations. NGC Coin Explorer provides an accurate idea of current market prices for graded and certified coins.

6. Grey Sheet Coin Dealer Newsletter

Grey Sheet is published by CDN Publishing and offers wholesale coin prices and valuations for rare U.S. coins traded between dealers. The Grey Sheet is considered the industry benchmark for dealer-to-dealer wholesale values.

Subscriptions to the Grey Sheet are primarily used by coin dealers. However, collectors can access some free coin prices in the “Know Before You Buy” section. Here you can see current dealer valuations for important coin series, which gives a good idea of wholesale prices.

The Grey Sheet publishes comprehensive wholesale price guides for all U.S. rare coins. This includes circulated, uncirculated, proof, commemorative, and bullion coins across all grade levels. Subscribers can also access price trend graphs and expert market analysis.

7. Coinflation

Coinflation provides coin melt values for U.S. coins stuck after 1909 and Canadian coins struck after 1920. This allows you to see the intrinsic metal value of a coin if it were melted down and sold for its silver, gold, platinum, or copper content.

To use Coinflation, simply choose a coin denomination from the dropdown menu and enter the year or mintmark. You’ll instantly see that coin’s metal composition, weight, melt value, and percentage of melt value versus face value.

Monitoring melt values on Coinflation helps collectors avoid overpaying for common date circulation coins trading above their intrinsic metal value. It also informs bullion investors of how closely bullion coin prices track the melt value.

In addition to melt values, Coinflation provides precious metals spot prices updated in real-time. There are also coin weight and composition charts.

8. PCGS CoinPrice Guide

PCGS CoinPrice Guide is a free online price guide covering all U.S. coins and many world coins. This value lookup provides retail valuations for certified and uncertified coins across most grade levels.

The PCGS CoinPrice Guide gives you quick access to accurate coin values in an easy searchable database. Simply choose the coin series, denomination, date, and mintmark to see pricing for Good through MS/PR 70 grades.

The prices here reflect current real-world retail valuations for PCGS-certified coins trading at the time. You can see how coin prices vary across different grade levels. Recent auction records are also provided where available.

In addition to retail values, the PCGS CoinPrice Guide offers expert insights, specifications, population figures, and other details about each coin. Free to use for all, this price guide is useful for valuing both raw and certified U.S. coins.

9. Heritage Auctions Archives

Heritage Auctions Archives offer a valuable lookup tool to see what coins have sold for in this major auction house. Browse their archives of over 5 million certified coins sold at auction since the 1990s.

By searching the certified coin auction archives, you can find realized sale prices for coins matching your own. This gives a good indication of retail values for certified/graded coins bought and sold between collectors.

Heritage offers auction results for U.S. and world coins graded by PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, and more. Records include the coin’s grade, price realized, item description, certification number, and images. The searchable database makes it easy to look up comparables.

In addition to archives, you can see upcoming coin auction listings on Heritage to track values of certified coins currently at auction. Subscription provides enhanced access to photos and descriptions.

10. USA Coin Book

USA Coin Book is a free online guide providing retail coin values and prices for the United States. This value lookup covers all U.S. coins from early American coppers to modern coins, including certified and uncertified values.

USA Coin Book allows you to search by coin type, denomination, date mint, and grade to find current market values. Listings are easy to navigate and include coin details, descriptions, specifications, images, registry set links, and price history graphs.

This value lookup site is handy for beginning and experienced collectors alike. The retail prices can help you value U.S. coins in your existing collection or guide purchasing decisions on new acquisitions to avoid overpaying.

USA Coin Book also offers regular news and educational resources about U.S. coins. The values are compiled based on actual dealer transactions and wholesale data.

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