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Simplest Inventions of Chemistry that Changed Our Civilization



Simplest Inventions of Chemistry that Changed Our Civilization

Rubber stoppers are one of the best and simplest inventions of chemistry that changed our civilization. It is still contributing a lot to the development and urbanization in every step. A simple rubber stopper can do such wonders. Most people can not start to grasp that a small rubber stopper can do so much work. So, let us get a small view of how the rubber stoppers are helping in civilization works. Please scroll below.

Functions of the rubber stoppers

Rubber stoppers are everywhere nowadays. Building a multi-storied accommodation, sealing any leakage preventing an accident, completing the chemical reaction, pharmaceutical production, and many more sectors need tons of rubber stoppers every day. Let us start with a brief discussion.

Uses of rubber stoppers in chemistry

Chemistry labs are the first place where most of us saw a rubber stopper. A rubber stopper is used here on the top of a reagent bottle or jar to prevent evaporation and the chemicals’ unwanted reaction. Usually, in the chemistry lab, we use basic and primary grade rubber stoppers that do not have any opening or hole in the body of the pin. It prevents the loss of chemical products. Other than these, there are several grades of rubber stoppers. One hole, two holes, or multiple holes in the rubber stoppers’ body are also ubiquitous in the rubber stoppers.

Pharmaceutical industry

Rubber stoppers have numerous uses in the pharmaceutical industry as well. In pharmaceutical labs, we use reactions between two or more chemicals having important traits to solve human disease problems. So, like in the chemistry labs, the rubber stoppers have an Immense function here. As the rubber stoppers are from natural resources, there is little to no contribution if rubber stoppers to any cross-reaction with the drug materials. Tus, a glass storage bottle with a rubber stamp, is an ideal choice for drug storage. You have to ensure that you are using food and medical-grade rubber stoppers to provide enough safety to the consumers.

Construction industrial uses of the rubber stoppers

The construction industry needs a load of rubber stoppers every day. Construction directly does not require rubber stoppers. But, it is necessary to seal every open corner and pipes. Every building will need a safety certification before being able to sell or rent the apartments. Here, the certification protocol part includes being fire resistant, having Enough fire distinguishing systems, enough exit routes, etc. These fire extinguisher machines have long trails to reach out to the point of a fire breakout. And Long extensions of these fire extinguisher machines made of rubber.

Automobile industry

Rubber has an important use in the automotive industry. Your car’s tires come from natural rubbers and rubber stoppers. The outer rim covering the prominent tire rim is made up of rubber and acts as a rubber stopper to prevent air leakage from the tire’s steel rim. It is imperative to maintain the air pressure in the tires and maintain a car’s speed. If the rubber stopper does not work correctly or has a leakage in it, then it may cause great disasters. You need to change your car’s rubber rims at least once a year.

Plumbing Industrial uses

Rubber stoppers have significant uses in the plumbing industry also. Due to the presence of a natural suction capacity of the rubber, plumbers use a very standard suction device to bring out stuck hair, food particle, or anything else that clogs your kitchen sink. Hiring a professional plumber and open up the complete water channel to detect the damage, repair, and rectify the problem can be very expensive. One plumber appointment can cost you over one thousand dollars in the USA. A rubber stopper suction device can save you so much money and hassle that it is unbelievable. You only need to spend about ten dollars on a rubber suction device.


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