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Places to Take Canada Passport Photo in U.S.



Places to Take Canada Passport Photo in U.S.

Canadians living in America have to renew their passports regularly, or it brings inconvenience to their study, work and life. In this case, the first thing is to prepare a passport photo which is one of the essential factors about whether the application would be approved.

Moreover, according to the Canadian authority, there must be a stamp or signature on the back of the passport photos, indicating the date when the photo was taken, name and address of the studios, or signature of the photographer or someone who can confirm the applicant’s identity. So, no matter which place you choose, don’t forget to sign on it.

Then, here comes a question: where to take Canadian passport photo in U.S.? After reading this passage, you would find the answer. There are a variety of places providing passport size photo services such as general stores, pharmacies, post offices, studios or even online passport photo maker. Try to google any of the stores we recommend and visit one near you.

Take Passport Photo in General Stores

Identity photo services like shooting and printing are available in general chain stores. Even based in the US, they can still provide photos compliant with Canadian specifications because they have default passport photo template for different countries on their computers. Stores like Walmart, Walgreens and Target are widely spread around America, so it is convenient to find one in the neighborhood.

passport photo canada

Other general stores like Costco could also take passport photo, but the employees should be informed of Canadian passport photo requirements. It is suggested to call in advance to check.

passport photo

The general states are widely distributed in 50 states in America. With the stores directory listed below, you can check the location, opening hours and contact.

  • Walmart stores directory
  • Target stores directory
  • Costco store directory
Stores Price
Walmart $7.44/each photo
Target $12.99/4 photos
Costco $14.06/2 photos

Note: Prices are for reference only. Please call to check the actual price.

Take Passport Photo in Pharmacies

Pharmacies and drug stores are other popular choices to get passport style photo. You can visit a local one and explain what service you are seeking and the staff would help you out. passport photo services are available in some common pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS office and Rite Aid.

Passport Photo

There are more than 9,000 CVS offices, 8000 Walgreens and approximately 2500 stores in the U.S., let alone other smaller pharmacies and drug stores, which adds more convenience for you, as a foreigner, to find one nearby.

  • Find a Walgreens store
  • Find a CVS office
  • Find a Rite Aid on Google Map
Stores Price
Walgreens $14.99/2 photos
CVS office $16.99/2 photos
Rite Aid $8.99/2 photos

Note: Prices are for reference only. Please call to check the actual price.

Take Passport Photo in Post Offices/ Shipping Centers

Post offices are a good bet to not only accept applications but also offer passport photo services. Imagine that once you have your photos taken, printed and then immediately sent out for further processing. Everything is done in one place. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Please note that post offices in the US specialize in native documents. If you are requesting for Canadian passport photo, you have to make sure that you know the requirements clearly or ask whether they provide the services via phone call or e-mail.

Passport Photo

FedEx Office and UPS offer are the top 2 express companies in America with thousands of sites scattered throughout the whole country which provide passport photo services, but you’d better call to ask whether the service is available because small station usually don’t do that.

Stores Price
Post office $15/2 photos
UPS store $11.99/2 photo
FedEx Office $14.95/2 photos

Note: Prices are for reference only. Please call to check the actual price.

Take Passport Photo in Studios

Many people are worried about the photo quality due to poor photography skills, so they turn to professional studios. However, studios charge much more than the places we introduced previously, like twice as much as in-store photo centers because you are paying for professional services including lighting, equipment or even post-processing.

Additionally, not every studio is willing to work with clients who claim only one or two single pictures. Most importantly, as photographers in American studios used to deal with domestic passport photo template, they would need extra instructions and fees to make Canada passport photo. That is to say, you should review the Canadian passport photo standards beforehand.

Passport Photo

Take Passport Photo Online

The above are all offline services. The quality of photos is closely connected with how professional the staff is. Looking for a store with passport photo services is quite easy in large and popular cities while you have to spend more time finding one in a small town or community.

Besides offline stores, Canadians could also turn to online passport photo editors in the United States. These kinds of software allow you to make a Canada passport size photo whenever and wherever you are.

With the online converter, users just choose specific service and upload a photo. The built-in program would recognize and adjust it to passport style photo automatically. They will modify common errors like size, background or tilting so as to make it 100% compliant. After that, you could save the digital passport photo template and print it at nearest store.

Significantly, printing photos in an offline store is much cheaper than using their photography services. If you don’t want to go out and print it out, you can also order the printout service online. Just stay at home and wait for the photos delivered to you, which spares the trouble of consulting offline stores.

We would like to introduce AiPassportPhotos to you. This AI-supported online tool is designed for various document photos, featuring fast processing ability, no installation required, and any device compatible. New users are given 5 credits free of charge which could be used to download the digital template. The preview service doesn’t cost credits, so you can try until you get the satisfied one.


It might be difficult to take passport photo in a foreign country. We hope that this article would make things easier for you.

If you go to physical stores, it is recommended to visit a large store instead of tiny photo booths. Make sure to specify that you want a Canada passport photo in America, because there are certain specifications varying from country to country such as size, resolution, background, quantities, etc. If you choose online services, make sure it provides printable passport photo template. Remember to sign or stamp on the back as Canadian government requires.

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