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Meet the Most Winning Topics for Film and Theater Essays



Meet the Most Winning Topics for Film and Theater Essays

Film & Theater Essay Topics for Students

Film and Theater Essays: Students select different academic areas to find a job afterward. Many of them prefer film and theater. The others simply have to face this area due to certain peculiarities of their curriculum and educational institution. At any rate, essays in this area are always captivating to read. Yet, they may be challenging even when you try to generate topic ideas for your paper.

Not all students have mastered the art of picking good topics. In case you face this issue, you should consult your academic advisor. You should also try to find useful guides and tutorials, which teach how to select topics properly. In the meanwhile, we would like to solve your current issue with topics for this interesting area. We offer 30 topics for film and theater essays. Make allowances for the next examples:

  1. Why playing on the stage is more difficult than in front of a camera?
  2. Huge Jackman: the only actor to get the main awards during his first year on Broadway.
  3. The phenomenon of cinematography for our everyday life.
  4. The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King – Why did this incredible movie get 11 Oscars?
  5. The history of cinematography.
  6. The first theater in Ancient Greece.
  7. What are the main genres in the theater?
  8. Why is it hard to make a good movie using a book?
  9. Theater vs. Cinema: Which one is better?
  10. The comparison of modern movies and movies from the 50th in the USA.
  11. Who invented cinema and why.
  12. The role of theater in the cultural life of Ancient Rome.
  13. Why is theater more realistic than a big screen?
  14. Teenagers love cinema more than theater: An in-depth analysis of the fact.
  15. My favorite movie: A short review and reasoning.
  16. The value of a direction for actors.
  17. A good screenplay is half of the successful filmmaking.
  18. Why is Hollywood the heart of cinematography?
  19. Is the USA a global leader in filmmaking?
  20. Does the theater have a future?
  21. The phenomenon of “Titanic” and why is it popular today?
  22. Is Netflix doing well with tolerance in its shows?
  23. What is the best streaming platform for today?
  24. If you played in the theater, what role would choose?
  25. The talent of playing: Is it inborn and acquired?
  26. How can life experience help actors to play better?
  27. Why is it hard to play biopics?
  28. My favorite genre of movie.
  29. My first visit to a cinema/theater.
  30. The role of movies and theater in my life.

Use these topics for your film and theater essay topics. They are relevant and interesting to cover for a writer. It is crucial because you will surely fail if you have to cover an uninteresting issue to you. It is only one example of finding good topic ideas to cover. You may conduct your own research to find similar topic lists and thus enlarge your knowledge in this area.

Why Is an Outline Vital for Your Essay?

We always recommend students use writing plans for their essays. A good outline makes you disciplined and organized because you always know what stages come next and what should be done in it. Your outline is supposed to contain the next essentials:

  • The main writing stages;
  • Descriptions of all stages;
  • Timeframes;
  • Tools to complete your essay.

It is necessary to show you what an outline is supposed to look like. Make allowances for the next template:

  • Introduction. 10-15 minutes. Provide general facts, the hook, and the thesis statement. 5 sentences long.
  • Main plot. 30-45 minutes. Develop the main argument, and provide examples and explanations. Be consistent, watch the length of sentences and paragraphs, keep an eye on the lexicon, etc.
  • Conclusion. 10-15 minutes. Restate the thesis statement, outline the main results of the essays, and interpret them.
  • Revision. 10-20 minutes. Edit and proofread the paper. Check the readability, logical connections, arguments, grammar, spelling, lexicon, and so on.

As you can see, all these stages are limited by deadlines. They are vital because you will know that you cannot linger. Be sure you set realistic timeframes. Every time you forget what should be done at a certain stage, you can take a quick glimpse at your outline and the descriptions you add. Outlines work perfectly for students who easily lose focus on the feeling of time.

You may also use at least one planner. For example, Evernote helps to set timers and add descriptions. It works as if an alive outline for every day.

Summing Up

If you are stuck with the selection of topics for your film and theater essays, feel free to use our suggestions. Be sure to create a good outline if you cannot organize the writing process. We have offered a clear template with the necessary descriptions. Follow the outline, and you will save a lot of precious time and will not forget about something important.


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