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Learning All About CBD Oil and Cannabis Vape Cartridge



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When you’re looking for a cannabis product that is easy to use, has great functionality, and is portable, then there’s one product that stands out, and that’s a cannabis vape cartridge. These are commonly known as vape carts or pre-loaded CBD oil cartridge, and it has become famous amongst cannabis enthusiasts.

CBD geekvape products are getting popular, and if you’re thinking of purchasing any cannabis vape, then you should know all about cannabis vape and cartridges. In this post, we’ll talk about cannabis vape and cartridges. Let’s get started.

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What is a Vape Cartridge?

Vape cartridge is made of glass and can be found at, which comes with pre-filled cannabis oil, the cartridge contains half-gram of CBD oil. There are vape carts that are loaded with CBD oil, which is high in THC. However, more CBD carts are being introduced in the market with 1:1, which means one ratio of THC and one ratio of CBD.

Working Mechanism of Vape Pen

Batteries power vape pens, the battery in the pen powers atomizer in the CBD cart, which heats the oil, as a result of heat different chemical components in the CBD oil are activated. The user then inhales the smoke, which has the effect of cannabis. Various cannabis vape batteries allow you to customize the dose and temperature as per your requirements.

Advantages of Cannabis Vape Cartridge

Here are some of the benefits of using cannabis oil vape cartridges:

  • Easy to Use

Cannabis vape cartridges are easy to use as compared to other methods such as nail setup and dab rig. The cannabis vape cartridges just require a press of a button and inhale, simple!

  • Portable

Vape cartridges have a slim and sleek design, which makes them portable and easy to carry. You can place it in your pocket and enjoy cannabis anywhere you go. The most significant benefit is that it doesn’t produce a noticeable odor or smoke.

  • Controlled Dose

Beginner cannabis users have problems while determining the accurate cannabis dose. Vape cartridges can solve the dose problem. As compared to dabbing, the vape pen allows you to have a more controlled dose of cannabis with each puff. It gives you more authority over the dose that you intake.

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Disadvantages of Cannabis Vape CBD Oil Cartridge

We talked about advantages like easy to use, controlled dose, and portable. However, cannabis vape cartridges have disadvantages as well:

  • Expensive

Vape cartridges are expensive, half-gram of CBD vape oil can cost $30 to $60. A gram of cannabis flower is cheaper as compared to half-gram of CBD vape oil.

  • Effects

Vape CBD cartridges deliver short high effects as compared to other methods such as joints, edibles, and dabs. Moreover, the results may not last long, but if you overdose or over-consume, these short-time effects can hit you hard. If you want to get a powerful punch you can try sour diesel strain and that is a perfect thing for people who like strong effects. People having habits of mood swinging use this most probably.

  • Battery

CBD vape pens work on battery and one of the most significant disadvantages of vape cartridges is the battery. The frequent use can drain all the battery and becomes annoying to charge the battery again and again. The solution is to put a battery to charge when you go to see

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