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Set Up a Backyard Gym Facility in a Portable Shed



portable shed

Going to the gym is an utterly fulfilling experience. However, many juggle family and work commitments and cannot spare a little time to visit a gym. If you are a fitness enthusiast, it can be extremely hard to think of a workout as a convenient option. In today’s fast-paced life, setting up a home gym is easier than you believe.

Besides, if you build your gym out of a portable shed, there is no need to sacrifice a room within your home for a workout, invest in costly home extensions, or expensive gym memberships.

Transforming a portable shed into a backyard gym gives a sense of workout flexibility. You can play the music you like, set the indoor temperature, and even add motivational posters to pump up yourself. Read this article and gain insightful tips to build your dream backyard gym with the help of a portable shed.

portable shed

Shed Size Consideration is Important

Consideration of shed size is important in determining the ideal backyard gym shed. A shed size of 8x12x6 gives you plenty of space to stretch out your arms without hitting the ceiling and to lie on the floor doing leg crunches seamlessly. Besides, it helps you accommodate exercise bikes, a few weights, and other gym equipment, such as dumbbells, power racks, treadmills, swiss balls, benches, etc.

Ventilate Your Portable Shed Immediately

A ventilated shed is important for a fresh and healthy workout without making you feel discomfort and nauseous. SturdiShed’s prefab shed has an excellent ventilation system that helps in keeping the interiors cool by 20 degrees. Besides, they help cut down on climate control costs. Furthermore, the portable and prefab sheds have vent screens that prevent the bug intrusion permanently.

Protecting the Gym Flooring is Important

During weightlifting, our free weights often leave dents on the flooring. If you are doing heavy weightlifting inside your backyard gym shed, having a solid foundation for your portable shed is important. Gravel is the most economical and robust shed foundation. In addition, a gravel pad offers excellent protection against drainage issues. It allows water to percolate away from the foundation in the best possible way. For flooring, you can opt for the wooden one that enhances the shed’s floor robustness and aesthetic appeal.

Utility Shed 8x20 Tan scaled

SturdiShed- Credible Manufacturer of Portable Sheds in Texas

We, SturdiShed, have years of knowledge and experience in designing a variety of storage sheds, such as modern cabins, lofted and gable cabin shells, garages, garden sheds, and much more. All our storage sheds have a 15-year limited warranty along with the limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on skids, siding, and floor joists.

SturdiShed’s storage sheds are built with green manufacturing techniques and practices, which make them 100% eco-friendly. Our storage sheds have hurricane ties on the roof and flooring, which can withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, all our storage sheds have exceeded the International Building Codes and obtaining HOA approvals is easy.

Get SturdiShed’s Flexible Rent-to-Own Program

If you cannot invest in our storage sheds due to the financial crunch, SturdiShed has come to the rescue with impeccable rent-to-own programs—our program features easy shed ownership and no long-term commitment. Make an affordable payment for 36 to 60 months, and you are entitled to own the shed.

About the Author

Adam Smith has recently invested in SturdiShed’s prefab shed, and he is satisfied with the sturdiness, easy assembling and functionality of the shed. His blogs have been published on the website, depicting the affordability and practicality of SturdiShed’s storage sheds.

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