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Laying Turf and the Ideal Outcome

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Laying Turf and the Ideal Outcome

Laying turf can be done at any time of the year except when the ground is frozen. However, the ideal time for laying turf is mid-autumn. The increased rainfall reduces the manual watering requirement; thus, you must consider the time and season before laying the turf.

Laying turf in early spring is another perfect season that keeps your surface relatively warm and promotes new root development.

Remember that you have one aim: promoting the grass growth rate. You would never want to slow it down like during summer and late spring. Hence, reducing the requirement for mowing within the first few weeks after laying the turf is your responsibility for stuff when you work with professionals, they take care of every aspect, and you don’t have to think about it.

You only have to remember not to lay the turf on the frozen ground because the ground remains unprepared for the operation. Remember that you chose the turf; you have to see that they are from reputed manufacturers and assure you of quality products.

1. Laying turf in winter

Most companies deliver the order within the first few days, and thus you have to check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. Preparing the ground ahead of laying the term ensures that the soil is not frozen or hard to frost.

As mentioned earlier, you must roll out your turf within 24 hours after delivery. When you have professionals by your side, they will take care of these aspects and assure you of the best results. Because of less daylight in winter, to lay turf on a large area will have to begin immediately when the day sets in.

Remember that you have to complete the project the next day. Hence, if you want to reduce the risk of rolled-up turf, you have to take the help of Artificial Grass Pros of Palm Beach professionals, who can help you choose the best delivery slot and give you a well-prepared ground.

2. Laying turf in spring or autumn

As mentioned earlier, mid-autumn is the best time of the year to lay turf. However, spring may also be suitable for turfing the garden because of the cool temperature and more rainfall compared to summertime.

It reduces the watering requirement; thus, the overall layout will amaze you. Frosts may occur during autumn and spring; therefore, it’s essential to pay attention to the season and temperature to ensure that there is no hard frost on the ground on the delivery date.

In the last few years, the changing weather has been a cause of concern. Hence, the weather forecast will help you ascertain that a warm temperature gives way to the turfing process.

If you are sure that you want to lay turf on your large area or small lawn, you have to take professional assistance. It will help you choose the best material from the market and help you with on-time service. Hence, you don’t have to take unnecessary responsibility and spare yourself stress.


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