Job Sectors More Receptive To Hiring Without Prior Experience Abroad
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Job Sectors More Receptive to Hiring Without Prior Experience Abroad



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Many people dream of working in another country. Working outside your home country is an opportunity to travel, learn new things, develop an international career, and be interested in other cultures. However, it is difficult to find a job abroad, especially if you have no work history. Fortunately, there are professions, that you can potentially get if you have no work experience. Layboard prepared for you a list of professions that you can apply for without work experience abroad.

What Professions Can I Apply for Without Work Experience in Another Country?

Most of the people with no work experience are young people. Sometimes they are just getting a qualification or have recently gotten it. It will be difficult for them to find a job. However, we have good news finding a source of income is real. Here, you can see which professions are suitable for you if you do not yet have work experience:


This is a profession that does not require experience. You don’t need much to get started. You can find an attractive vacancy for a cleaner abroad at To begin with, it is enough to buy cleaning and washing products. You can also get a job where you will be given everything you need. But note that this work can be quite exhausting, as you will be physically back-breaking.

Tour guide

In the profession of a tour guide, being a foreigner can be an advantage. Since most of the people who visit the tours are foreigners. If you know a foreign language, you will be able to tell the story to people in a language they understand. It will be a great advantage for you.

Thanks to this profession, you will be able to travel a lot and study the culture and history of the place you are interested in without experience. However, before conducting tours for tourists, you will have to take the time to study all the material. Pay attention to this. In addition, you can start learning information before going abroad for work. Because of this, you will be able to start earning right away.


Your duties will include delivering orders to customers, talking to them, and offering food to people. In cafes or restaurants that work in crowded places, these workers are important. Often, several waiters work at the same place. However, this work can exhaust you. You will be communicating with many customers if you are not a communicative person, it will be difficult. In addition, you will spend the whole day on your feet, delivering orders. Although it is tiring work, tips are a nice bonus.


For this job, you need to know at least two languages at a sufficiently high level. If you communicate freely and can provide a document that proves it, then a job as a translator will suit you. In addition, if you are studying abroad and looking for a job in a new country, you can work remotely. Many employers now hire employees remotely.

Field worker

In the spring or autumn, some farmers need help. As a consequence, they hire workers for seasonal jobs. Before going to work in another country, find out what time of year they hire the most employees. However, large farms often need workers throughout the year.

The advantage is that you don’t have to have specific skills or speak the language at a high level. However, you will have to do a lot of physical work. But if you enjoy plant care, the process of picking fruits or vegetables, and nature, then you will like this profession. Also, you can sometimes be paid a salary for the amount of work performed. In this case, you will have the opportunity to go home early when you finish your work.


If you like to help people, you know how to communicate with them and understand their needs – working as a sales consultant will suit you. You will need to study the assortment of the store. It will be great if you work in an industry that is related to your hobby. For example, if you like to knit, then look for a job where you can sell knitting yarn. In this way, you will perform your duties well, as you will be able to recommend products from your experience.


To work as a seamstress, it is necessary to have minimal sewing skills and knowledge about fabric. Some companies hire and train workers. Unfortunately, you have to be lucky to get such an opportunity. Therefore, it is better to try yourself in this profession if you have any knowledge.

It is hard to find a job outside your home country without experience. It will be easiest to find a job in the service sector. So start looking for a job there.

Tips on How to Find a Job Without Prior Work Experience

If you are determined to pursue your goal and get your dream job but have no experience, pay attention to your knowledge, skills, and volunteer work. It is important to create a strong CV and a positive first impression. Tell us about yourself and what you have achieved. Have you taken any courses? Show your certificate. If you have a document that proves your level of foreign language proficiency, present it to the employer.

Pay attention to volunteer work. It will help make a good impression of you as a responsible person. In addition, it shows that you did some work. Therefore, you will be able to cope with other tasks.

Develop soft skills. Employers want attentiveness, the ability to communicate with people, and teamwork from candidates. Flexibility, that is, adaptability to circumstances, is particularly in demand and relevant.

Some employers are willing to train you or give advice if you are a beginner. They usually indicate this in job vacancies. It would be your opportunity not only to get a good salary but also to develop. You will be able to learn new things and improve yourself.


Those who want to start their career immediately with foreign experience are people who strive to become better. Everyone has faced the fact that they got a job for the first time, but not everyone did it in another country. Fortunately, many professions do not require qualifications. You can work helping other people and learning new things. It is a chance to develop and travel. Although it will not be easy, it is the first step towards the life of your dreams.


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