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How to Suppress Your Appetite with the Help of Your HIIT Workout

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How to Suppress Your Appetite with the Help of Your HIIT Workout

Everyone keeps joking about their raging appetite. Some show serious concerns about their food consumption and how they are always hungry, others blame the food options. Now many people are now using HIIT workout fitness to contain their appetite. Above all because no matter what, craving is one of the biggest issues and since access to food is as easy as a text message, most people are now relying on take always only.

To cash this big appetite market, the food and health industry has come up with some weird quick fixes. If you are a big fan of the Kardashian sisters you might have seen Kim Kardashian endorsing appetite-suppressing lollipops. These lollipops give you enough sugar that you don’t feel a low blood sugar level in your body.

As a result, you keep binge eating lollipops and you don’t need food. Apart from this, some even say that it is a placebo effect that might have an impact on some but not on others. In short, it is bad for health, bad for the body, and bad for the pocket.

However, binge eating due to a raging appetite is an actual issue that needs to be addressed. So the health and fitness industry has now collaborated in resolving this issue. The solutions that are suggested by the collaboration of the health and fitness industry are not only good but also very effective.

You will not feel any effect on your body or your skin. You will not see your skin getting dry or your hair getting brittle due to starvation. On the contrary, with the help of exercise, your body will get better, you will lose fat, and you will also see that your body is getting toned up.

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To help you resolve this issue of ragging appetite, we have addressed this issue in detail. We have also talked in detail about the HIIT that is suggested as a solution by most fitness trainers. For the beginner to start their exercises routine and customize their workout plan, you can opt for any exercise you want but use it with a HIIT strategy.

What Is An HIIT Workout Plan?

HIIT or high-intensity workout training is an excellent way of working out. It is good for shedding belly fat as well as weight loss. Apart from this, you will get much better results as compared to any other form of exercise. With high-intensity workout training, you divide your overall time into sessions.

Each session contains one round of exercises. Each round contains multiple exercises which help you avoid a boring routine. After completion of each round you need to follow with a rest period and then you can continue with the next round. This is one of the best methods to work out and you will also see better results. The HIIT workout usually consists of variations of aerobic exercises and each exercise is important and effective in its way.

HIIT Exercises That Can Help With Appetite

For a very long time, it was believed that HIIT training messes up with sleep. It may cause insomnia if you exercise just before you go to sleep. However, a recent search by Harvard health has not only resolved this myth it has also concluded that HIIT is great for suppressing the appetite. People who are active and they feel the urge to eat at odd times can use HIIT exercises.

As we have already mentioned that HIIT is a constant of basic aerobic exercises but the way you perform these exercises are different. Everyone doesn’t want to have a pre-planned workout routine so they customize their version. Some of the exercises that we would like to recommend for HIIT have been listed below, however, you have the choice to mix and match for something more productive.

How to Suppress Your Appetite with the Help of Your HIIT Workout

Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks are great for the abs region as well however this will engage your whole body. While performing flutter kicks you need to maintain your good posture, keep your back straight and as you start kicking in the air, you need to maintain your lower body power as well. You need to keep your head and shoulders above the ground and then keep one foot parallel while you kick with the other. Don’t use both at the same time.

How to Suppress Your Appetite with the Help of Your HIIT Workout

Russian Twists

This can be done with or without the use of a ball. You just need to sit up and raise your head and feet above the ground. Now touch with both hands on the left and then the right side. Some people like to hold a ball in both hands when they touch the ground, others even hold dumbbells; however, it is all up to you. You can choose to hold anything or nothing at all.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a great way to work your lower body. You just need to get down on your hand and keep the weight of your whole body on your hands and feet. Now while staying at the same place act like you are climbing on the wall. This will help you tighten your core and work your legs as well.

How to Suppress Your Appetite with the Help of Your HIIT Workout


A squat is another powerful exercise that you can perform for making your back, buttock, legs, and core region stronger. All you need to do is work like you are sitting on an invisible chair. You can also perform box squats or simple squats.


Lunges are a great way to keep exercising even if you don’t have time. We have seen most people performing house chores while they lunge their way from one room to another. It can be a very interesting exercise to do at home. All you need to do is just keep walking while you increase the length of your strides.


Excellent for body fat especially for the abs region, you will see that you are sweating more and you are getting much faster results. While performing crunches make sure your back is straight and your shoulders are aligned. Another important tip is to let your headrest and while pushing your head up, don’t yank your neck. This will impact your shoulders and you will see that your back will start hurting.

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Planning the Workout

To make a workout plan you need to choose any four exercises that have been mentioned above. With the help of these four exercises, make a simple round and add a few seconds rest by the end of each round. Complete at least 5 rounds each day. This whole workout plan will only take 10 to 15 minutes per day. The ideal time is to dedicate 2 minutes to each round and then add a 30 seconds rest. This way you can complete 5 rounds in just 10 minutes with added 2 minutes for rest.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, HIIT training has so many different benefits. Starting from weight loss to keeping the body fit. You will also see that your productivity will increase over time and you will be able to focus on your work more. Apart from this, HIIT is great for helping you get out of your depression so it can become your quarantine buddy.

Apart from this, you can see improvement in your metabolism which means that the food you will eat will be broken down easily and the energy will be used up. You will not only lose fat but you will find it hard to gain fat as well. Overall HIIT is a win-win situation for you.

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